Chapter 18 • Revolutions of Industrialization

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Possible answers:

• Visual Sources 18.1 and 18.5 deal directly with the machinery and technologies of the Industrial Revolution, although they could address the capitalist system that created the markets for their products and the capital for their construction.

• Visual Sources 18.3 and 18.4 depict factory workers, and therefore explore an aspect of the Industrial Revolution, while at the same time they depict the capitalist system in action as wage labor is employed in the production of goods for the market.

• Visual Source 18.2 depicts middle-class consumption and so might be considered primarily an image of capitalism, although the scene is set in a train and depicts telegraph poles—both new communication systems associated with the industrial revolution.

• Visual Source 18.6 primarily concerns
itself with the gap in living conditions between rich and poor in the bourgeois system, and therefore might best be considered a commentary on capitalism, although it does depict mining, an industrial activity.

• Such a distinction can be useful because

the Industrial Revolution was a specific manifestation of the wider phenomenon known as capitalism. However, the impact of the Industrial Revolution was also the impact of capitalism, making a clear distinction between the two

Class Discussion for the Documents and Visual Sources Features

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