Chapter 18 • Revolutions of Industrialization

Document 18.4: Socialism in Song

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Document 18.4: Socialism in Song

Q. What evidence of class consciousness is apparent in the song? What particular grievances are expressed in it?

Possible answers:

• Class consciousness can be seen in the opening stanza, “We have been nought, we shall be all” (p. 863), and in the final verse, “The union we of all who work.”

• The chorus refers to a international working class, while “the workers” is frequently used in the song to denote a working class.

• Grievances include the demand in verse 2 that the thief disgorge his booty.

• Verse 3 asserts that the laws oppress workers, that wage slavery drains the workers’ blood, that the rich have no obligations, and that the profits of the workers are collected in the coffers of a few.

Q. How does “The Internationale” portray the struggle and the future?

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