Chapter 18 • Revolutions of Industrialization

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Possible answers:

• Zetkin insists that women’s concerns are addressed because women are important participants in the socialist movement, and their organizations provide important support to the wider movement. The goals of both movements are entwined.

• The Social Democratic Party embraced women members; it established lecture and study circles and held public meetings where the concerns of working-class women were addressed. Its women’s office worked with the party’s executives to engage women in the political process.

Q. Why does she believe that women’s issues will be better served within a socialist framework than in a bourgeois women’s rights movement?

• Zetkin believes the social fate of women is intimately linked to the general evolution of society, the most important force of which is the evolution of labor and economic life.

• She states that “the integral human emancipation of all women depends in consequence on the social emancipation of labor” (p. 862).

• She believes the alternative of organizing women of all classes into a politically neutral movement is flawed because “class antagonisms are much more powerful, effective and decisive than social antagonisms between the sexes” (p. 862).

Q. How might critics—both feminist and socialist—argue with Zetkin?

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