Chapter 18 • Revolutions of Industrialization

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dependent development: Term used to describe Latin America’s economic growth in the nineteenth century, which was largely financed by foreign capital and dependent on European and North American prosperity and decisions.

Díaz, Porfirio: Mexican dictator from 1876 to 1911 who was eventually overthrown in a long and bloody revolution. (pron. por-FEAR-ee-oh DEE-ahz)

Duma, the: The elected representative assembly grudgingly created in Russia by Tsar Nicholas II in response to the 1905 revolution. (pron. DOO-mah)

Indian cotton textiles: For much of the eighteenth century, well-made and inexpensive cotton textiles from India flooded Western markets; the competition stimulated the British textile industry to industrialize, which led to the eventual destruction of the Indian textile market both in Europe and in India.

Labour Party: British working-class political party established in the 1890s and dedicated to reforms and a peaceful transition to socialism, in time providing a viable alternative to the revolutionary emphasis of Marxism.

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