Chapter 16—The Conquest of the Far West The Societies of the Far West

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Chapter 16—The Conquest of the Far West

  1. The Societies of the Far West

    1. The Western Tribes—Who were the most important population in the Far West before the Anglo-American migration? Who were some of the tribes that lived there, and where did they live?

      1. Caste System—What was the caste system that developed in the Southwest?

      2. Plains Indians—What were the social and political organization of the Plains Indians like? How did they make a living?

      3. Economic Importance of the Buffalo—How did the buffalo affect the economic lives of Plains Indians? How did it affect gender relations? What were some of the serious weaknesses faced by Plains Indians?

      4. Indian Weaknesses—What were some additional weaknesses faced by the Plains Indians?

    2. Hispanic New Mexico—What were Spanish-speaking communities like?

      1. Taos Indian Rebellion—What happened during the Taos Indian rebellion? What happened when Anglo-Americans got control of the New Mexico territorial government?

      2. Hispanic Resistance—How did Hispanics attempt to resist Anglo incursions, and ultimately what happened to the power and standing of the Hispanic community?

    3. Hispanic California and Texas—How did Spanish settlement begin? How did Indians interact with the Spanish?

      1. Decline of the Mission System—What happened to undermine the mission system? Who replaced them? Who were californios and what happened to them? What happened to the status of Hispanics in California?

    4. The Chinese Migration—Why did the Chinese come to America, and where else did they go? How many came to the U.S.?

      1. Racism—Why did opinions turn against the Chinese? How did the California state government discriminate against the Chinese (and Mexicans)?

      2. Building the Transcontinental Railroad—How important were Chinese to the railroad building effort?

      3. Establishment of “Chinatowns”—Where did many Chinese immigrants go, and what were they like?

    5. Anti-Chinese Sentiments

      1. Anti-Coolie Clubs—What did Anti-Coolie clubs do, and for what economic and cultural/racial arguments did they not like the Chinese?

      2. Chinese Exclusion Act—What was the Chinese Exclusion Act and how long did it last?

      3. Chinese Resistance—How did Chinese react to the discrimination?

    6. Migration from the East—What happened to migration to the West after the Civil War? Why were many groups attracted to the West?

      1. Homestead Act—What was the Homestead Act?

      2. Government Assistance—What other acts were passed after the Homestead Act, and why were they passed? When did Nebraska become a state?

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