Chapter 16a County Officers and Employees Disclosure Act

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Chapter 16a
County Officers and Employees Disclosure Act

17-16a-1 Citation of chapter.

          This chapter may be cited as the “County Officers and Employees Disclosure Act.”
Enacted by Chapter 46, 1983 General Session

17-16a-2 Purposes.

          The purposes of this chapter are to establish standards of conduct for county officers and employees and to require these persons to disclose conflicts of interest between their public duties and their personal interests.
Enacted by Chapter 46, 1983 General Session

17-16a-3 Definitions.

          As used in this part:

(1) “Appointed officer” means any person appointed to any statutory office or position or any other person appointed to any position of employment with a county, except special employees. Appointed officers include, but are not limited to persons serving on special, regular or full-time committees, agencies, or boards whether or not such persons are compensated for their services. The use of the word “officer” in this part is not intended to make appointed persons or employees “officers” of the county.

(2) “Assist” means to act, or offer or agree to act, in such a way as to help, represent, aid, advise, furnish information to, or otherwise provide assistance to a person or business entity, believing that such action is of help, aid, advice, or assistance to such person or business entity and with the intent to so assist such person or business entity.

(3) “Business entity” means a sole proprietorship, partnership, association, joint venture, corporation, firm, trust, foundation, or other organization or entity used in carrying on a business.

(4) “Compensation” means anything of economic value, however designated, which is paid, loaned, granted, given, donated or transferred to any person or business entity for or in consideration of personal services, materials, property, or any other thing whatsoever.

(5) “Elected officer” means any person elected or appointed to any office in the county.

(6) “Governmental action” means any action on the part of a county including:

(a) any decision, determination, finding, ruling, or order; and

(b) any grant, payment, award, license, contract, subcontract, transaction, decision, sanction, or approval, or the denial thereof, or the failure to act in respect to.

(7) “Special employee” means any person hired on the basis of a contract to perform a special service for the county pursuant to an award of a contract following a public bid.

(8) “Substantial interest” means the ownership, either legally or equitably, by an individual, the individual’s spouse, and the individual’s minor children, of at least 10% of the outstanding shares of a corporation or 10% interest in any other business entity.

Amended by Chapter 297, 2011 General Session

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