Chapter 15: Rome’s Decline and Legacy Lesson 4: The Legacy of Rome – p. 514 – 519 Main Ideas Culture

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Chapter 15: Rome’s Decline and Legacy

Lesson 4: The Legacy of Rome – p. 514 – 519

Main Ideas

  • Culture: Roman culture was a unique blend of Roman and Greek ideas.

  • Science and Technology: Roman advances in architecture and engineering have influenced builders throughout history.

  • Culture: The spread of Christianity and the Roman system of law left a lasting legacy for the world today.




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bas - relief





Roman Culture – p. 515 - 516
1. What was Roman culture based on?

2. Who did the Romans pick up ideas about the artistic ideal and writing AND what was the result?

(Roman Culture – p. 515 – 516 – continued)
3. How did Roman culture differ from Greek culture?

4. What was one form of ART the Roman artists were skilled at creating?

5. What are TWO things you can share about the famous mosaic showing Alexander the Great in battle?

6. What do mosaics show?

7. Who did Romans learn sculpture from?

8. How did Roman sculptures differ from the Greeks?

9. The Greeks influenced Roman literature. They adopted the form of an epic. Who was the famous epic writer? What is his famous epic poem about?

10. We know a great deal about Roman history thanks to who?

11. Why is Cicero an important person in ancient Roman history?

12. Latin is the language of ancient Rome. How did Roman culture influence the languages of Europe?

Technology, Engineering, and Architecture – p. 517 – 518
13. Roman builders were excellent engineers. They found new ways to improve the structure of buildings. What were THREE ideas the Romans used in building?

14. What is the Roman building design that is used on the U.S. Capitol building?

15. What was the new building material used by the ancient Romans? How did they make / use it?

16. Romans built aqueducts to bring water to cities. What are FOUR facts about aqueducts?

17. The Romans are famous quality of their roads. The most famous Roman Road

was _____________________________.

18. Where did this road go / run?

19. Why were many Roman Roads built?

20. What are TWO ways in which the Roman Road “helped” ancient Romans?

Religion and Law – p. 518 – 519
21. Western and eastern parts of the Roman Empire had a great influence in the areas of what?

22. The Roman Empire played a __________________ role in the spread of _________________________________ .

23. Who helped spread the new religion throughout the Roman Empire?

24. What became the most powerful organization in Western Europe?

25. What was the official religion of the Byzantine Empire that also helped spread Christianity?

26. With both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches spreading _____________________, most of Europe and some parts of western Asia became Christian.

27. The structure of the Roman Republic influenced the writers of the _______________________________________.

28. Roman _________________________ make up the main political body of the _________________________.

29. Early U. S. citizens followed the example of a republic by providing for their own ___________________

in Article 1, of the Constitution.

30. Which elements of Roman law are found in U. S. law?

Lesson Summary

• Roman writers and artists were inspired by Greek culture, which they combined with their own ideas.

• Roman builders and engineers developed styles and construction methods that continue to be used.

• Roman laws and government continue to serve as models for modern countries.

Why it matters now. . .

Many areas of modern life – from government to architecture to language – still carry the mark o the Roman Empire.

Connect to Today – Roman Influences Today - p. 520 – 521

1. Take a look at the “Connect to Today” lesson on page 520.

2. Study the legacies of the Roman Empire that are present in today’s life.
3. The United States borrowed some Roman ideas about the structure of ____________________________________ .
4. The Roman ideas of ___________________________ and ______________________________ can be seen in our buildings and our highway systems.
5. The Christian _________________________ grew during Roman times. Today, millions of people practice the Christian faith that began in Roman times.

Roman Influences Today - Add at least TWO ideas to each side of the charts below







Religious Practice



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