Chapter 14: The Great Depression Begins

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Chapter 14: The Great Depression Begins

Chapter Objective 
To understand the causes and consequences of the Great Depression and the futility of Hoover's actions to limit the damage.

SECTION 1 The Nation's Sick Economy 

  1. Summarize the critical problems threatening the American economy in the late 1920s.

  1. Describe the causes of the stock market crash and Great Depression.

  1. Explain how the Great Depression affected the economy in the United States and throughout the world.

SECTION 2 Hardship and Suffering During the Depression 

  1. Describe how people struggled to survive during the Depression.

  1. Explain how the Depression affected men, women, and children.

SECTION 3 Hoover Struggles with the Depression 

  1. Explain Hoover's initial response to the Depression.

  1. Summarize the actions Hoover took to help the economy and the hardship suffered by Americans.

  1. Describe the Bonus Army and Hoover's actions toward it.

Chapter 15: The New Deal

Chapter Objective 
To understand the impetus for FDR's New Deal legislations and the impact of these policies on the American nation.

SECTION 1 A New Deal Fights the Depression 

  1. Summarize the initial steps Roosevelt took to reform banking and finance.

  1. Describe New Deal work programs.

  1. Identify critics of FDR's New Deal. (Why?)

SECTION 2 The Second New Deal Takes Hold 

  1. Describe the purpose of the Second New Deal.

  1. Summarize New Deal programs for farmers.

  1. Identify the Second New Deal programs aimed at assisting young people and professionals.

SECTION 3 The New Deal Affects Many Groups 

  1. Analyze the effects of the New Deal programs on women.

  1. Describe Roosevelt's attitude toward African Americans.

  1. Identify the groups that formed the New Deal coalition.

  1. Describe the supporters of FDR's New Deal.

SECTION 4 Culture in the 1930s 

  1. Describe the entertainment provided by motion pictures and radio.

  1. Identify some of the artists and writers of the New Deal era.

SECTION 5 The Impact of the New Deal 

  1. Summarize opinions about the effectiveness of the New Deal.

  1. Describe the legacies of the New Deal.

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