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What was one main difference between how the British East India Company operated in Mughal India and how the Dutch East India Company operated in what is now Indonesia? The British negotiated treaties with local Indian rulers while the Dutch established control through conquest and colonization.

How did the Tokugawa shoguns treat Europeans in Japan in the early seventeenth century? They expelled all Europeans except the Dutch.
The dependence of Native Americans on European trade goods was a result of the fur trade in North America in the early modern period?
What feature was unique to the North American fur trade in the early modern period? Competition between European traders meant that furs were obtained largely through commercial negotiations with the local population.
How did the decision by the Chinese state to require payment of taxes in silver in the 1570s affect the global economy? The value of silver around the world skyrocketed.
Some slaves acquired prominent military or political status in the pre-modern Islamic world?
The most common destinations in the Americas for West African slaves was the Caribbean and Brazil.
What distinguished the Atlantic slave trade in the Americas from past instances of slavery in world history? Slave status was associated with race.
The emergence of Japan as a major source of silver production in the sixteenth century contributed to the end of civil war and the unification of Japan.
To circumvent the Muslim and Venetian monopolies on Indian Ocean trade was an incentive for the Portuguese to find a direct sea route to Asia?
Small-scale merchants trading openly was a feature of commerce in the Indian Ocean basin when Vasco da Gama reached India in 1498?
The Philippine Islands were established as a Spanish colony in the sixteenth century?
The silver trade enabled Spanish rulers to pursue military and political ambitions in Europe and the Americas.
The origins of the Atlantic slave trade were associated with the production of sugar.
Give an example of the effect of the Atlantic slave trade on African societies? Judicial proceedings were manipulated to generate victims for the slave trade.
Describe the experiences of some women in Africa in the early modern era? A few women had access to political power.
In a conversation on the British government’s decision to stop buying slaves, the Asante ruler Osei Bonsu asked the British diplomat Joseph Dupuis, “But if they think it bad now, why did they think it good before?” The “now” referred to is the year 1820.
The use of a saucer to catch spills in the preparation or consumption of chocolate is depicted in the image of a chocolate party in Spain.
The painting of a Turkish coffeehouse in the Ottoman Empire shows the men playing board games and drinking coffee?
How did the Protestant Reformation affect women? The emphasis on reading the Bible for oneself stimulated education and literacy for women.
What did the New England Puritans in North America emphasize? Education and civic responsibility
Which group had the greatest success in converting people outside of Europe to Christianity? Spanish Catholic missionaries in the Philippines
Catholics were more intent on converting native peoples than Protestants in European colonies?
One goal of the Wahhabi movement was to return to the absolute monotheism of authentic Islam.
Equality of men and women is a principle or practice upheld in Sikhism?
The relative independence of European universities was absent in China and the Islamic world and this contributed to the Scientific Revolution in Europe.
How did Europeans react to the syncretic religions of African slave communities in the New World? Suppression
Both Wang Yangmin in his view of Confucianism and Martin Luther in his view of Christianity argued that individuals could find their own path to virtue and salvation.
In what way did nineteenth-century developments in the sciences depart from Enlightenment principles? They emphasized conflict and struggle as the motors of progress.
China, Japan, and the Ottoman Empire selectively adopted European scientific learning during the early modern era.
What made Martin Luther’s Ninety-five Theses revolutionary? The idea that an individual could find salvation by faith alone.
Why did the Chinese imperial court initially welcome the Jesuit missionaries? The Jesuits’ knowledge in mathematics, astronomy, technology, geography, and mapmaking was useful to the Chinese.
What similar feature did Andean Christianity and Mexican Christianity share? Both reinterpreted Christian practices within the framework of local customs.
The belief in progress and reason was shared by all Enlightenment thinkers.
Isaac Newton is associated with the Scientific Revolution?
Which critic offered a secular commentary on the issues of his day? Marquis de Condorcet
We do not command the destruction of any writings except such as tend to cast people into infidelity to injure their faith, such as those on Logic. . . .” This reflects a view of reason or logic expressed by Abdullah Wahhab.
Progress is a value that the Marquis de Condorcet held in high esteem.
In Visual Source 15.3, what element in the painting of the Virgin Mary reflects the cultural influence of Andean civilization before the Spanish conquest? The depiction of mountains as the embodiment of gods
In the painting of the interior of the Dutch Reformed Church, what is the significance of the placement of the congregation in front of the pulpit where the minister stands while delivering his sermon? To show the function of the church as a gathering place

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