Chapter 12 how did people in oklahoma experience world war i? I. Define vocabulary

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V. TRUE or FALSE. Write “true” for true statements and “false” for false statements.
_____ 1. The first woman to be elected to Congress from Oklahoma was opposed to Women’s Suffrage.

_____ 2. Governor Robertson escaped impeachment by a single vote.

_____ 3. The two houses of the legislature worked in harmony during the Robertson administration.

_____ 4. Indians throughout the country were granted full citizenship as a result serving in the war.

_____ 5. Unlike the rest of the nation, Oklahoma had little unrest after World War I.

_____ 6. The Spanish Influenza was one of the worst epidemics in history.

_____ 7. Many social and labor reforms were enacted in the post‑World War I period.

_____ 8. Economically, Oklahoma was thrust into a major depression in the 1920’s.

_____ 9. Although the southern bank of the Red River was established as the state boundary between

Oklahoma and Texas, Texas was given the mineral rights of the southern half of the river.

_____10. By 1920, the lynchings of African Americans by angry mobs had ceased in Oklahoma.

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