Chapter 12 how did people in oklahoma experience world war i? I. Define vocabulary

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1. World War I began in Europe in the year _____________.

2. The U.S. became involved in World War I in the year ____________.

3. The Great War, or WWI, ended in November of _____________.

4. One of Oklahoma’s biggest contributions to the war effort was supplying ___________. (See the last few pages of Chapter 10 for this answer.)

5. Identify the man below and his achievement. ___________________________________________


6. Who is the woman on the right? What are some of her accomplishments?


7. Oklahoma women were given the right to vote in the year ___________.

8. Congress ratified women’s suffrage for the whole country in the year ____________.

9. Oklahoma allowed Indians to vote since the year ____________.

10. Congress allowed Indians to vote in national elections after the year ____________.

III. COMPLETE. In the blank, write in the word that completes the sentence correctly.

1. The _______________Amendment to the Constitution of the United States allowed women to vote.

2. The first Congresswoman from Oklahoma was a member of the ________________ Party. (continued)
3. “Minerva Place” later became_______________________.

4. In this state, Indian men could vote before _______________________________ could vote.

5. The treaty that set the Texas boundary at the Red River’s south bank was the ________________Treaty.

IV. MATCH NAMES. Match the name to descriptions 1-10. Use some names more than once.
____ 1. First American woman to earn a doctor of philosophy A. Sawakla

degree B. Martin E. Trapp

C. Alice Mary Robertson

____ 2. Governor who broke the hold of the Ku Klux Klan on D. Alice Brown Davis

state government E. Jack Walton

F. E. K. Gaylord

_____ 3. First woman to preside over the U.S. House of Representatives G. Ann Eliza Worcester


_____ 4. A governor impeached and removed from office
_____ 5. A governor who couldn’t succeed himself because he had served more than half of his predecessor’s term
____ 6. An orphanage for Creek Indian girls
_____ 7. Publisher of the Daily Oklahoman
_____ 8. First governor under whose administration Klansmen were convicted of crimes
____ 9. Second woman ever to be elected to the U.S. Congress
_____10. Chief of the Seminole tribe

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