Chapter 11 Economics and Politics Study Questions

Practice Test: Multiple-Choice Questions

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Practice Test: Multiple-Choice Questions

  1. The evolving partnership between Iraq and the United States is a story of two countries; one country – the US – is heavily dependent on ___________, the other country- Iraq- is heavily dependent on ___________.

    1. services; extraction

    2. exports; imports

    3. oil revenue, oil imports

    4. oil imports; oil revenues

  1. Which one of the following would be classified as goods?

    1. entertainment

    2. transportation

    3. financial services

    4. clothing

  1. Irrigation systems, the windmill, the tractor, and pesticides are innovations that triggered

    1. domestication.

    2. agricultural revolutions.

    3. the service economy.

    4. democracy.

  1. Silicon chips, fiber optics, and satellites are technologies associated with the

    1. agricultural revolution.

    2. domestication revolution.

    3. Industrial Revolution.

    4. post-industrial revolution.

  1. __________ allow(s) voice, text, images and data to be carried with the same efficiency and to be integrated with other technology.

    1. Electronics

    2. Miniaturization

    3. Digitalization

    4. Software

  1. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of capitalism?

    1. private ownership of property

    2. profit-driven

    3. governed by law of supply and demand

    4. government-regulated economies

  1. The term _____________ was first used in the early 19th century in response to the excessive poverty and inequality that accompanied the Industrial Revolution.

    1. socialism

    2. capitalism

    3. domestication

    4. democracy

  1. ___________ maintain that banks, credit lending institutions, modes of transportation and the media should be state-owned.

    1. Capitalists

    2. Socialists

    3. Economists

    4. Theologians

  1. The ________________ resulted in more than a million casualties between 1980 and 1988.

    1. Gulf War II

    2. Gulf War I

    3. Iran-Iraq War

    4. Oil-for-Food Program

  1. Japan, Germany, the United States, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom are examples of countries that possess ______________ economies.

    1. semiperipheral

    2. core

    3. peripheral

    4. transitional

  1. ___________ imports accounts for 33 percent of the U.S. trade deficit.

    1. Car

    2. Video games

    3. Service-related

    4. Petroleum

  1. As the world demand for energy increases, the United States must address a critical question. That question is:

    1. Can the United States find more resources of oil within its borders?

    2. Can Iraq’s oil meet the U. S. demand for it?

    3. How can the United States take control of more oil?

    4. How can a country with 4.6 percent of the world’s population continue to consume 40 percent of the world’s energy resources?

  1. The primary sector of the economy includes economic activities

    1. that generate or extract raw materials from the natural environment.

    2. that transform raw materials into manufactured goods.

    3. related to delivering services.

    4. related to the creation and distribution of information.

  1. Which sector of the economy contributes the most to the GDP of the United States?

    1. primary

    2. secondary

    3. tertiary

    4. manufacturing

  1. A chief, king, or queen possesses power based on which form authority?

    1. traditional

    2. charismatic

    3. legal-rational

    4. socialistic

  1. Which one of the following persons held/holds power grounded on charismatic authority?

    1. Richard Nixon

    2. Queen Elizabeth II

    3. Adolf Hitler

    4. Dick Cheney

  1. Attraction and devotion to a leader cannot sustain a community indefinitely; the object of these emotions is mortal. This statement applies to _____________ authority.

    1. charismatic

    2. traditional

    3. legal-rational

    4. democratic

  2. The Vatican under the Pope, Afghanistan under the Taliban, and Iran under Supreme Ayatollah Ali Hoseni-Khamenei are all examples of ___________ forms of government.

    1. totalitarian

    2. democratic

    3. authoritarian

    4. theocratic

  1. In the United States, the National Association of Realtors, the National Auto Dealer Association, and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America contribute to political campaigns and are known as

    1. monopolies.

    2. primary sector industries.

    3. special interest groups.

    4. political action committees.

  1. Some scholars argue that extraordinarily strong family bonds complicate the road to democracy in Iraq because democracies depend on

    1. weak family ties.

    2. different perspectives.

    3. individuals who value public good over family obligations.

    4. special interest groups.

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