Chapter 11, a world in Flames, 1931–1941 Test Review

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Declarations of War - Dec. 8, 1941 U.S. declares war on Japan. On December 11, Germany and Italy both declared war on the United States.

Lesson 3: The Holocaust

The Nuremberg Laws – deprived Jews of their rights. Defined Jewish genetic makeup. Made inter-marriage illegal.
Kristallnacht (“cause”/what happened) – Caused by Jewish refugee shooting and killing a German diplomat in Paris. Night of Broken Glass. Nazis forbade police to interfere when 7,500 businesses and synagogues were destroyed and more than 90 Jewish people died. Jewish people tried to flee.
Limits on Jewish Immigration – U.S. would not raise immigration quotas; Germans made it difficult for Jewish people to leave
St. Louis Affair – 930 Jewish refugees en route to Cuba. Unable to board in Cuba or the U.S., returned to Europe (Great Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands). Most died in the Holocaust.
Wannsee Conference (outcome) – “Final Solution” communicated
Already in place:

Concentration Camps – hard labor (political and religious prisoners), Germany

Extermination Camps – Jewish people; hard labor and mass killings – Poland, Eastern Europe

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