Chapter 11, a world in Flames, 1931–1941 Test Review

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Causes of the War

Postwar inequalities (economic depression, war reparations -Germany, reduction in military-Germany, land disputes - Italy, Japan, Germany) caused by the Treaty of Versailles fueled nationalism. Economic depression and social unrest created desperation for new, stronger leadership able to capitalize on these feelings to seize control of governments.

Anschluss - the unification of Germany and Austria
Munich Conference - between Chamberlain and Hitler states Hitler will not take over any more land beyond the Sudetenland
Sudetenland - an area of Czechoslovakia with a large German-speaking population
Appeasement - giving in to unjust demands in order to avoid all out conflict
Danzig - Hitler wanted this Polish port city; 90% German inhabited; acted against appeasement policy

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