Chapter 11- the First World War

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Chapter 11- The First World War
Chapter Overview: After the United States enters World War I and helps to defeat

Germany, President Wilson tries to fashion a lasting peace.

Section 1 Key Idea: Long-term tensions erupt into a devastating war among European

Nations, while the United States tries to remain neutral.

Section 2 Key Idea: American forces, though poorly equipped at the outset, tip the

Balance decisively in favor of the Allies.

Section 3 Key Idea: The war unleashes a series of disruptions in American society as

The U.S. government attempts to meet the demands of modern

Section 4 Key Idea: President Wilson’s plans for peace are modified by Allied leaders

in Europe and by Americans who are eager to free the country

from foreign entanglements.

Section 1 Objectives

  1. To identify the four long-term causes of the First World War.

  2. To explain the circumstances that led to the war.

  3. To describe the slaughter of the first two years of the war.

  4. To summarize public opinion about the war in the United States.

  5. To explain why the United States entered the war.

Section 2 Objectives

  1. To describe how the United States mobilized for war.

  2. To summarize American success on the war front.

  3. To identify the new weapons and the medical problems faced in World War I.

  4. To assess the impact of the war on the key participating nations.

Section 3 Objectives

  1. To explain how business and government cooperated during the war.

  2. To show how the government promoted the war.

  3. To describe the attacks on civil liberties that occurred.

  4. To summarize the social changes that occurred among African Americans and women.

Section 4 Objectives

  1. To summarize Wilson’s Fourteen Points.

  2. To describe the Treaty of Versailles and international and domestic reaction to it.

  3. To explain some of the consequences of the war.

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scschoolfiles -> Parameter – a number that describes some characteristic of the population. The value of a parameter is usually not known because we cannot examine the entire population. Statistic
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scschoolfiles -> Mary Rowlandson Activity captivity narratives are a precursor to fiction in America. Rowlandson portrayed Native Americans as “savages” in need of salvation. From her Puritan perspective

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