Chapter 10. Male young adults (18 to 21)

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PSI 29/2010 & PI 06/2010 Chapter 10 Page

Chapter 10. MALE YOUNG ADULTS (18 to 21)

10.1 Management
Male Young Adult indeterminate sentence prisoners (ISP) are managed under chapter 4 of PSO 4700. As for all ISPs, the Public Protection Casework Section (PPCS) of NOMS Public Protection and Mental Health Group (PPMHG) is responsible for overseeing parole processes (including release, transfer to open conditions and recall), through the Prison Service operational line, and for raising the life/IPP licence for release back in to the community. Once released, all released ISPs on licence are subject to supervision by Probation Trusts, which must contact PPCS to obtain authorisation for changes to licence conditions and to arrange the warrant of revocation, should an ISP need to be recalled to prison.

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