Chapter 10 Guided Reading/Vocabulary Napoleonic Europe

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Terms to Know

Age of Montesque: Constitutional Monarchy

Age of Roussau: Republic

Age of Voltier: Napoleonic rule:/Dictator

Age of Matrenich: Reactionary.

Napoleon Bonaparte

The Treaty of Campo Formio 1797/took Austria out of the war with France

Consulate Period

First Consul

Napoleonic Code

Careers Open to Talent

Concordat of 1801

organic articles 1802

the Peace of Amiens 1802

Toussaint Louverture

Bank of France

Duke of Enghien

War of the Second Coalition

Treaty of Lunéville

Jacques-Louis David

Empire Period

Grand Empire

War of the Third Coalition

Battle of Trafalgar

Lord Horatio Nelson

Battle of Austerlitz

Arc de Triomphe

Treaty of Tilsit

Confederation of the Rhine

Continental System

War of 1812

Berlin Decree

Order in Council






Milan Decree

Peninsular War

Russian Campaign

Battle of Borodino

War of the Fourth Coalition

Battle of Leipzig

Frankfurt Proposals

Quadruple Alliance


Charter of 1814

“First” Treaty of Paris, 1814

“Second” Treaty of Paris 1815

Congress of Vienna

Klemens von Metternich



Balance of Power

German Confederation (Bund)

Hundred Days

Battle of Waterloo

Duke of Wellington/Sir Arthur Wellesley

Viscount Castlereagh

Concert of Europe

“Holy Alliance”

Alexander I

Secret Alliance

Essay Questions
Note: This sub-unit is a low probability area for the AP exam. In the past 10 years, 1 essay question has come in large part from the material in this chapter. However, Napoleon cannot be ignored for future AP exams! Below are some questions that will help you study the topics that have appeared on previous exams or may appear on future exams.

  1. To what extent was Napoleon an “Enlightened Despot”? Contrast Napoleon’s rule with that of Frederick the Great, Catherine the Great, and Joseph II.

  2. To what extent did Napoleon maintain the ideals of the French Revolution?

  3. To what extent was the balance of power maintained in Europe by 1815?

  4. To what extent did each of the following social groups succeed in achieving their goals during the Napoleonic Era?

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