Chapter 10 Guided Reading/Vocabulary Napoleonic Europe

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Guided Reading/Vocabulary

Napoleonic Europe

  1. Describe Europe during the Napoleonic Era (1799–1814).

  2. Identify the only country that remained continually at war with France from 1792–1814, with the exception of a year of peace from 1802–1803.

  3. What was the main accomplishment of the First Coalition (1792–1797) against Napoleon

  4. Why did the year of peace (1802–1803) between France and the rest of Europe turn to war?

  5. What was the major reason that the Third Coalition against Napoleon (1805–1807) failed to defeat him?

  6. When Napoleon dissolved the Holy Roman Empire what did he replace it with?

  7. Describe Napoleon’s plan to ruin Britain.

  8. Identify some of actions taken by the Habsburg empire by 1809.

  9. Identify the areas of Napoleon’s influence at its peak in 1811.

  10. Describe the Napoleonic domination/policies throughout the areas he influenced.

  11. Why was Napoleon considered “enlightened”?

  12. In his Grand Empire, what was Napoleon’s policy toward religion?

  13. What did Napoleon do in order to unify his European empire?

  14. How did Napoleon attempt to enforce the Continental System?

  15. What commodity were Europeans least able to replace once the Continental System went into force?

  16. What happened when France offered a conditional removal of her restrictions on neutral trade?

  17. Explain why the Continental System failed.

  18. What drew on counterrevolutionary sentiments?

  19. Who championed a German culture arising from the life of the common people.

  20. Describe the reconstruction of the Prussian state and identify its prerequisites.

  21. What actions did Viscount Castlereagh was able to defeat of Napoleon?

  22. Describe the terms of the first Treaty of Paris (May 30, 1814), which made peace with a defeated France.

  23. After the defeat of Napoleon and the 1815 peace treaties of Paris and Vienna, what was the most powerful country in the world?

  24. What did the Congress of Vienna do in order to prevent future French aggression?

  25. What countries were least successfully impacted by the reforms of the Napoleonic system?

  26. What were the terms of the Second Treaty of Paris (1815),that was imposed on France after Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo?

  27. Describe the terms of Alexander II’s Holy Alliance and identify the countries that did not join and why.

  28. Describe the Peace of Vienna’s accomplishments.

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