Chapter 1 The Emperor Wears No Clothes By Jack Herer

Between 2300 B.C. & 1000 B.C

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Between 2300 B.C. & 1000 B.C.:


Nomadic tribes, probably from central Asia and Persia (Iran and Iraq), referred to in legend as “Aryans,” invaded and overran virtually the entire Mediterranean and Middle East and spread out over the Caucasus and west into Europe.

In the course of these movements and invasions, the nomads introduced cannabis and its various uses north and west through Greece, Europe, the Middle East, to Egypt and Africa, as well as south and east over the Himalayas to India.

Hemp was incorporated into the cultures of the Middle East and India for its vast food, oil, fiber, medicinal and drug uses. Not only was hemp a staple of everyday life; hemp medicines and drugs were a ritual link to the gods.*

*Generally, those who grew and/or used hemp for everyday industrial uses did not know and were not taught (by religious law/threat/taboo) that their priest/shaman/witch doctor/etc. used different extractions from different parts of the exact same plant for sacrament, medicine, unguent, and as a commune with the gods.

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