Chapter 1 The Emperor Wears No Clothes By Jack Herer

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Hemp for Victory!


Let our people go. Let our people grow. And never allow our politicians to again impose such fanatical prohibition laws against any natural substance in its natural form.

Democracy doesn’t work – ever – unless it is honest.

And if the suppression of hemp is just one example of the many lies with which American police/bureaucrats have been blackmailing their theoretical bosses – elected politicians and the public – then we are in big trouble!

We have reviewed this “drug war” against cannabis hemp/marijuana as thoroughly as we possibly could, and what we have seen sickens us. And only those with this knowledge of hemp, whose doors of perception have been cleansed, can kick the scumbags (the real criminals) out of office and reclaim our freedoms and our planet.

We therefore agree with the little boy from Hans Christian Andersen’s tale who, while watching the parade pass by, shouted with courageous innocence:


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