Chapter 1 The Emperor Wears No Clothes By Jack Herer

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What Justice Demands


Justice demands nothing less than the lifting of all penalties (criminal and civil) and the removal of all restraints upon the cultivation and use – both smoking and non-smoking uses – of this, our most remarkable plant.

Prisoners being held for the peaceful, non-violent possession, sale, transport or cultivation of cannabis hemp must be released immediately. Money and property seized must be returned. Criminal records must be wiped clean, amnesty granted and some sort of reparations paid for time served. These cannabis prisoners are the real victims of this monstrous crime against humanity called the “War on Drugs.”

In the end, half measures will not be acceptable.

In the meantime, we must begin with a moratorium on hemp/marijuana law enforcement. And we must move swiftly to restore and expand the national archives and historical record on hemp and its multiplicity of uses.

What You Can Do


We think, now that you’ve had a good look at our side and the government’s side of this story (both as we see it and as the media projects it), you’ll want to join us in putting this issue onto the state ballots and into the legislatures of this country, where everyone can express their opinions through registering and voting in the straight-forward manner set forth in our United States’ and individual state constitutions.

Teach hemp to everyone; talk about it – all the time. Look for hemp products, ask for hemp – buy hemp. Defend hemp. And use the information and suggestions about hemp politics and business included in the Appendix at the end of this book.

At the risk of repetition, let us once more state in the strongest possible terms, that cannabis hemp – indeed the plant we denigrate with the slang name marijuana – will become known to future generations, as it was known to past generations for millennia, as the number-one annually renewable, fully sustainable, non pesticide-requiring and most abundant source of paper/fiber/fuel/food/medicine on the face of the Earth; with more overall uses than any other known plant.

In other words, cannabis hemp is the greatest plant on Earth!

Write to your elected officials and to the news media, to help create a more conscious political leadership and favorable news coverage on marijuana and hemp. Give credit for good votes and coverage, and complain about bad. Register, run for office, and always vote!!

Demand that our prisoners of conscience be freed, rewarded and honored. They deserve to be welcomed home as heroes, and as P.O.W.s in this “War on Drugs,” to receive veterans’ benefits and rights – not the DEA or police.

Think of this…

If these “outlaw” citizens had not defied the government and preserved the hemp seed, our government and its prohibitionist policies would already have eradicated this plant from our Earth.

So, the heroes of this war are not William Bennett, Nancy Reagan, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Jr., the DEA, or DARE, but those who defied them. These true heroes must have their lives and property returned. For defying these tyrannical laws, they must be remembered by each one of us for all time. For they saved the seed that’s going to save the planet!

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