Chapter 1 The Emperor Wears No Clothes By Jack Herer

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On the basis of the information provided in this book, we demand an end to the enforcement of these prohibition laws. All laws regarding the cultivation of the cannabis plant must be stricken from the books, including the U. N.’s Single Convention Treaty of 1961, at which Anslinger represented the United States. Although he was forced to retire by an angry President Kennedy for, among other things, his antics at the Convention, Anslinger’s legacy of lies and deceit lives on in 2007.

Our government owes an apology to all people who spent jail or prison time for cannabis (16 million years in aggregate time so far), had to go through the courts, had their educations, families and professions torn apart and their lives, wealth and health often destroyed.

We also owe an apology to honest-but-ignorant teachers, police and judges for our lack of courage to speak up and educate them. But there is no apologizing for the profit-minded corporate and government leaders who have acted illegally to censor and refute the undeniable truth of hemp.

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