Chapter 1 The Emperor Wears No Clothes By Jack Herer

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Vereen had been invited to perform for the Reagan Inauguration and had accepted only on the condition that he could tell the entire “Blackface” story – but the whole first half of Vereen’s show, depicting Bert Williams and blackface, was censored by Reagan’s people on ABC TV, contrary to the special agreement Vereen had with them.

Chapter 14

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

By Jack Herer


More than Seventy Years of Suppression & Repression


1937:  Hemp banned. Only an estimated 60,000 Americans smoke “marijuana,” but thanks to Hearst and Anslinger’s disinformation campaign, virtually everyone in the country has heard of it.

1945:  Newsweek reports that over 100,000 people now smoke marijuana.

1967:  Millions of Americans regularly and openly smoke hemp leaves and flowers.

1977:  Tens of millions smoke cannabis regularly, with many people growing their own.

2007:  One in three Americans, approximately 100+ million citizens, have now tried it at least once, and some 10-20% (25 to 50 million Americans) still choose to buy and smoke cannabis regularly, despite urine tests and tougher laws.

Throughout history, Americans have held the legal tradition that one could not give up one’s constitutional rights—and if someone was stripped of these protections, then he or she was being victimized. However, by 1989, if you signed up for an extracurricular activity in school or applied for a minimum wage job, you could be asked to forego your right to privacy, protection from self-incrimination, Constitutional requirements of reasonable grounds for search and seizure, presumed innocence until found guilty by your peers, and that most fundamental right of all: personal responsibility for your own life and consciousness.

By 1995, the U. S. Supreme Court upheld that these intrusions into your individual privacy were constitutional!

In November 1996, as earlier stated, California passed a statewide people’s initiative that won by 56% of the vote and legalized medical marijuana within the state. Also in November 1996, Arizona passed a statewide initiative (by 65% of the vote) that included medical marijuana but, unlike California law, Arizona’s legislature and the governor (now impeached) can and have since rejected this people’s law. This was the first rejection by the legislature and the governor of any Arizona state initiative in 90 years!

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