Chapter 1 Department of Transportation Administration Act

-1-204 Divisions enumerated -- Duties

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72-1-204 Divisions enumerated -- Duties.

          In addition to divisions created by the department necessary to administer the areas of responsibility of the deputy directors as described in Section 72-1-203, the divisions of the department are:

(1) the Comptroller Division responsible for:

(a) all financial aspects of the department, including budgeting, accounting, and contracting;

(b) providing all material data and documentation necessary for effective fiscal planning and programming; and

(c) procuring administrative supplies;

(2) the Internal Audit Division responsible for:

(a) conducting and verifying all internal audits and reviews within the department;

(b) performing financial and compliance audits to determine the allowability and reasonableness of proposals, accounting records, and final costs of consultants, contractors, utility companies, and other entities used by the department; and

(c) implementing audit procedures that meet or exceed generally accepted auditing standards relating to revenues, expenditures, and funding; and

(3) the Communications Division responsible for:

(a) developing, managing, and implementing the department’s public hearing processes and programs;

(b) responding to public complaints, requests, and input;

(c) assisting the divisions and regions in the department’s public involvement programs;

(d) developing and managing internal department communications; and

(e) managing and overseeing department media relations.

Amended by Chapter 479, 2019 General Session

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