Chaperones Needed – 6th grade science field trip

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Middle School Update – February 4, 2012

Chaperones Needed – 6th grade science field trip
Miss Lockwood still needs parent volunteers to chaperone our field trip to the Discovery Center on February 14th.  Please email her if you are available to assist from 11:45 until the end of the school day.

Chaperones Needed – bowling on Monday with leadership/fitness activities
If you are available to go bowling at the SUB on BSU campus with the leadership class on Monday, please contact Mr. Gould.  Time would be from around 12:00 to 2:30.

Dance Information
Where: Foothills School of Arts and Sciences, 618 S. 8th Street Boise, Id 83702 -  
Who: 6-9th grade students from Foothills School, Sage, and Anser
Cost: $5.00 admission (must have valid Student I.D.)
Attire: Semi-Formal

Chaperones Needed - dance
Due to the large number of students from our school that plan on attending the Foothills School Valentines Dance, Foothills has asked that we provide some chaperones.  If you are available and interested, please let Miss Hegg know.

Dress for the Valentines Dance
Request from Foothills…Just a reminder that the dress for the Valentines Dance is semi-formal.  It should be a fun opportunity to see the kiddos dressed up!  

Idaho Shakespeare Festival is bringing their version of 
Macbeth to Sage on February 9th – all students have the opportunity to attend the performance! 

For more information:


Academic Updates
Humanities – Miss Hegg
Students listened to Japanese fables and viewed kirigami (Japanese art of paper cutting) while labeling the geography of Japan on a map.
Maps of Japan

This week we also learned about Sadako and the 1000 paper cranes:

Sadako story:
1000 cranes:

Aya returned on Thursday to talk about her family’s experiences in Japan during World War II and she taught students how to make origami cranes.  Her message of how our students have the opportunity to create a society of peace was thoughtful and heartfelt.

6th Grade IB Science 1 – Ms. Lockwood
Students worked hard on their Adopt-an-Element projects this week, and should have turned them in by Thursday.  Please check my website for the project assignment sheet and resources.  Please ensure that students are practicing their vocabulary flashcards, either through their own set or on the Quizlet site linked on my website.  We will have a test on Monday, February 13th over Matter.  

7th/8th Grade Science & Society – Ms. Lockwood
Students are very engaged in their persuasive essay research on gene technology.  Their research organizers are due Tuesday.  Please see my website for research resources and a PowerPoint presentation outlining the project requirements.

IB Math 1 – Mr. Gould
The students will be demonstrating their knowledge of Ratios, Proportion and Functions on the exam on Monday.  All students were confident of the understanding of the material.  Working with functions allowed the students to experience algebra and work with a variable.  The class will be moving on to percents and more fractions after the test.  Reviewing  the workbook with your child is a convenient method to track understanding of class material.  Ask your child about proportions when making food for the Superbowl or determining yards per carry or pass completion per attempts during the game.

IB Math 1– Ms. Henderson
This week in IB 1 students continued exploring the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents.   Next week students will wrap up their unit on rational numbers by reviewing converting between multiple forms of rational numbers. Students will test on these concepts towards the end of this coming week or the following.

IB Math 2– Ms. Henderson
This week in IB 2 students continued working with their understanding of the properties of equality and how these properties help in solving equations. Students tested over these concepts on Thursday.  If students feel unsatisfied with their grade they may retake the test after reviewing misconception with Ms. Henderson or Ms. Blevins. Students’ solving equations skills will be carried through the remainder of their mathematical carrier.  Please seek extra help if concerned.  Next week, Ms. Blevins will begin working with an extension of proportional reasoning and ratios. 

IB Math 2 – Mr. Gould
The students began working on using cross products to determine if two ratios are proportional.  The class is using algebra to solve proportions and writing proportions to solve story problems.  The class will begin geometry by the end of the week.

IB Math 3– Ms. Henderson
This week in IB 3 students reviewed monomials and polynomials.  Next week students will test over all material covered this semester.  I am including a PowerPoint for review. 

21st Century Learning– Ms. Henderson
Students spent class this week participating in two large activities.  The first is a continuation of their season brochure project.  They researched Idaho resources specific to the season they chose.  Students should expect to spend a Friday at school working with their partner if behind on their project.  The second activity was part of a larger unit beginning in class.  Students took an online Myers-Briggs personality assessment.  Students were grouped by their four-letter classification. (ie: INTJ)  They read a personality profile and made a list of strengths and weaknesses of the category they fell into.  As home extension students should generate a list of ways to overcome the weaknesses associated with their group.  As part of the larger unit, students will be learning about the way they learn best and how to strengthen areas that they may struggle in.

English – Ms. Thurber & Ms. Percy
In IB 1, students started reading Camel Rider, Prue Mason's novel about two young, culturally disparate characters who need to find a means to communicate to survive. In addition to studying grammar embedded in Camel Rider, students have begun analyzing the characters and connecting the unfolding plot to story elements as they read. For Monday, students need to read to page 72, add to their character books, and complete the beginning of their plot maps. Many students left class almost done with this, but those students who chose not to read earlier in the week when given time will have quite a bit of work to complete this weekend. Thanks for your help in ensuring they come to class prepared.

In IB2 & IB3 students continued exploring Shakespeare's Macbeth, and they sharpened their pencils to take a shot at writing character analyses for Macbeth, Banquo, and other characters in the drama. We've read through Act III and are ready to wrap up the play next week in time to watch the Idaho Shakespeare Theatre group perform it for us on Thursday, February 9th.

In addition to character development, students are analyzing the development of the plot and are using citations from the text to support their notes and ideas. Each student is creating a small book of quotations that includes at least two quotes from each act and requires them to use the exact quotation, the citation, the characters involved, and notes on their interpretation of the quote. Using the excellent notes that they've been taking on their character map sheets and the character analyses they've been practicing, students will be expected to write three excellent character analyses supported by literary terminology, textual detail, and their own subjective interpretations of the part the characters play in the drama as the culminating assessment for the unit over the next three weeks. But, best of all, we've been reading Shakespeare aloud in class, adding an element of fun to the readings by taking turns with parts, playing with voices, and exploring Shakespeare's exceptional use of vocabulary and language.

Physical Science – Ms. Terry
This week the physical science class met once.  We spent the day making sure that student lab notebooks were set up with a title, purpose, pre-lab, hypothesis, materials, and procedure.  After students summarized the procedure in their own words, they were to complete the data and observations section of the lab report.  They should have an accurate drawing of the container that was built, the cost analysis and data including the initial mass of the ice cubes (Popsicles) and the mass/hardness after 15-20 minutes.  We learned through experimentation that the ice cubes melted readily, but that the Popsicles, when left out, kept their shape, but lost firmness. 
Next week we will compare data and analyze the results, and students will complete their write up in the lab notebooks with conclusion and analysis questions.  Lab notebooks will be due Wednesday February 8th.
Test scores for the unit 2 test are posted on line.  Tests will be returned on Monday, and I encourage you to ask about the test and study techniques/habits.  Students should have a copy of the review attached to their test and it would be beneficial to go over the review and the test to see how your son/daughter prepared.  Students will complete a reflection on the review/test correlation in class on Monday.  Valuable points on the test were missed as a result of not preparing with the review thoroughly.
Science scrapbooks were due last Monday, January 30th.  A few late passes were used.  I plan to get scrapbooks graded and returned by Monday.  You can check for updated grades at the end of the weekend.

Elective: Leadership & Fitness Activities– Mr. Gould
The class, along with the entire middle school, visited the Capitol for the second time this semester.  Students participated in presentations by first lady Mrs. Otter, Secretary of State Mr. Ysursa, and Attorney General Mr. Wasden.  On Monday the class will step away from government studies for some bowling.  The bowling event will provide students another opportunity to demonstrate our citizenship in our community. On Wednesday, the students will resume preparation of bills for the upcoming mock legislature.

DT: Designing & Building – Electronics – Mr. Falconer
We continue to develop our understanding of electronic components. I have students self-pacing the lessons they are to complete. This requires that the students be self-disciplined and self-motivating in the lessons we are learning. Every student is going to build a digital alarm clock as the culminating project in May. Final planning occurred with PCSedu and ECCO for field trips to ECCO in making this final project. PCSedu will provide a guest speaker to help the students develop schematics for this project.  
Students: keep those TED talks ( coming in for us to share and discuss.

DT: Aeronautics – Mr. Falconer
Our renditions of 
Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines is improving. We traveled (on foot) to the library to further researching the aviation pioneers the students chose to impersonate. Students the final presentations for these heroes in aviation is to be Monday the 6th of February. Come prepared, with your props and costumes, to teach the class for 3 - 5 minutes minimum answering the required questions issued.   
Students: keep those TED talks ( coming in for us to share and discuss.

DT: Robotics – Mr. Falconer
Robots here, robots there, Sage robots EVERYWHERE!!! We move into building our next set of robots based on real life situations. More to follow.
Students: keep those TED talks ( coming in for us to share and discuss.

Elective: Yearbook – Miss Hegg
Learning about type styles (serif and sans serif) and the best use of type styles, analyzing page layouts, and determining content of the yearbook sections were on the agenda for this week.  Students also started to explore using MS Publisher to create the computer layouts.  Many also applied for their first job and completed applications for different jobs in the yearbook.
Video students were certainly showing their desire to capture school life this week – many are turning into 24/7 videographers!

Elective: Newspaper – Miss Hegg
Students were on a deadline craze this week and they possessed an urgency to their work that reminded others of a true pressroom at crunch time! 

Elective: Exploratory– Miss Hegg
A mini-election happened in exploratory this week, as we voted on topics to explore for the remainder of the semester.  Our next topic – drama!  Students also voted (after a brainstorming session of possible performance ideas) on what to do for a small performance.  So, we will be creating a modern version of mythological gods and goddesses!  What will these gods and goddesses “look like” in our current times? Students will be learning about the elements of drama and breaking into smaller groups to work on the production. 
Altered books will continue to be worked on during any spare time!

Elective: Music Ensemble – Ms. Petra
Another week with only one class instead of two… But we finished the Renaissance unit with looking at and listening to many musical instruments that were invented during this time. Next up is the Baroque period.
In music theory we moved into rhythms (whole, half and quarter notes). We composed our first rhythms that will eventually become songs. Practice your scales - we will start with them next week.

 Elective: Music , Strings– Ms. Petra
We finished the Renaissance unit with looking at and listening to many musical instruments that were invented during this time. We spent some time looking at the viol consort (ask your students) and found out why they got replaced by the modern strings family. Next up is the Baroque period.
In music theory we moved into rhythms (whole, half and quarter notes). We composed our first rhythms, made them into songs, and performed them for the class.
Playing - we moved into finger songs, wow! Students: still check your violin and bow hold frequently. Loosen your bow and wipe off the strings when you are done practicing.

Elective: Textiles – Ms. Percy
This week in Textiles students continued to work on their pincushions, making some good progress. Several students finished theirs by filling
them with parakeet gravel (which helps keep the pins sharp) and then stitched them close. Check out the pictures on the Middle School
website. Next week we'll finish these up and head over to the Idaho Historical Museum to search out the various textiles they have in the
exhibits. We'll also do some writing to record reflections on the first project's design and construction process, as well as writing
about the field trip.

Elective: Idaho Digital Learning Academy – Mr. Falconer
Students are making progress in an online class of choice.  Let Mr. Falconer know if you have any questions.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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