Changes to the Orchid Registry

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Changes to the Orchid Registry

The orchid registrar has made a number of changes to the list of registered hybrids which have resulted in a re-assignment of genus names to more than 2200 hybrids in the Oncidium group, or just under 20% of the total registrations in this group. For example, two species formerly treated as Miltonia , Milt. schroederiana and Milt. warscewiczii, have been transferred to Oncidium as Onc. schroederianum, and Onc. fuscatum.   This change results in a change of genus for the well known and highly awarded hybrid Colmanara Wildcat among others, which is now called Odontocidium Wildcat.

All of the equitant Oncidium species have been segregated out under the genus Tolumnia. The species changing to Tolumnia are:

Tolu. arizajuliana (syn. Onc. arizajulianum); Tolu. bahamensis (syn. Onc. bahamense); Tolu. berenyce (syn. Onc. berenyce); Tolu. calochila (syn. Onc. calochilum); Tolu. caribensis (syn. Onc. caribense); Tolu. compressicaulis (syn. Onc. compressicaule); Tolu. concava (syn. Onc. concavum); Tolu. cunelabia (syn. Onc. cunelabium); Tolu. gauntlettii (syn. Onc. gauntlettii); Tolu. guianensis (syn. Onc. guianense, Onc. desertorum); Tolu. guibertiana (syn. Onc. guibertianum; Tolumnia lemoniana subsp. guibertiana); Tolu. haitiensis (syn. Onc. haitiense); Tolu. henekenii (syn. Onc. henekenii, Hispaniella henekeni,); Tolu. leiboldii (syn. Onc. leiboldii); Tolu. lemoniana (Onc. lemonianum); Tolu. lucayana (syn. Onc. lucayanum); Tolu. moiriana (syn. Onc. moirianum); Tolu. prionochila (syn. Onc. pri­onochilum); Tolu. pulchella (syn. Onc. pulchellum); Tolu. quadriloba (syn. Onc. quadrilobum); Tolu. scandens (syn. Onc. scandens); Tolu. sylvestris (syn. Onc. sylvestre); Tolu. tetrapetala (syn. Onc. tetrapetalum); Tolu. triquetra (syn. Onc. triquetrum); Tolu. urophylla (syn. Onc. urophyllum); Tolu. variegata (syn. Onc. variegatum); Tolu. velutina (syn. Onc. velutinum, Onc. variegatum var. velutinum, Onc. variegatum subsp. velutinum).

Lastly, Onc. onustum has been changed to Zelenkoa onusta in the registry.

The following table lists all the hybrid names that have had a genus name change because of the above revisions to the registry.

Old Name

New Name

Aliceara Brown Feathers

Brassidium Brown Feathers

Aliceara Carnival of Scorpions

Brassidium Carnival of Scorpions

Aliceara Dorothy Barfield

Brassidium Dorothy Barfield

Aliceara Dragon Flight

Brassidium Dragon Flight

Aliceara Hi Frontier

Milassentrum Hi Frontier

Aliceara Memoria Ellison Onizuka

Brassidium Memoria Ellison Onizuka

Aliceara Pacesetter

Brassidium Pacesetter

Aliceara Pahokee Boy

Bramiltumnia Pahokee Boy

Aliceara Palolo

Brassidium Palolo

Aliceara Sea God

Brassidium Sea God

Aliceara Thunder Spirit

Brassidium Thunder Spirit

Aspasium Mindi Coffman

Aspopsis Mindi Coffman

Aspasium Rio Luna

Aspopsis Rio Luna

Bakerara Black Valentine

Maclellanara Black Valentine

Bakerara Bongo

Maclellanara Bongo

Bakerara Chuckanut Island

Maclellanara Chuckanut Island

Bakerara Everglades Hunter

Brassidium Everglades Hunter

Bakerara Hasty Hunter

Maclellanara Hasty Hunter

Bakerara Ken Kone

Maclellanara Ken Kone

Bakerara Klara Falls

Maclellanara Klara Falls

Bakerara Kramer Island

Maclellanara Kramer Island

Bakerara Octopus Garden

Brassidium Octopus Garden

Bakerara Poul Hansen

Aliceara Poul Hansen

Bakerara Swamp Boy

Brassidium Swamp Boy

Bakerara Whidbey Island

Maclellanara Whidbey Island

Bakerara Woodinville

Aliceara Woodinville

Bapticidium Tsiku Yellowbee

Baptikoa Tsiku Yellowbee

Brassidium Cordovan Caprice

Trichassia Cordovan Caprice

Brassidium Dervish

Trichassia Dervish

Brassidium Diversity

Trichassia Diversity

Brassidium Fort Caroline

Trichassia Fort Caroline

Brassidium Isabelle

Psychassia Isabelle

Brassidium Lady In Red

Tolassia Lady In Red

Brassidium Mayan Dancer

Trichassia Mayan Dancer

Brassidium Memoria Cecil Robinson

Psychassia Memoria Cecil Robinson

Brassidium Miami

Psychassia Miami

Brassidium Supreme

Psychassia Supreme

Brassidium Tan Lean Bee

Trichassia Tan Lean Bee

Brassidium Thai Dancer

Psychassia Thai Dancer

Burrageara Amber Glow

Wilsonara Amber Glow

Burrageara Brilliant Monarch

Wilsonara Brilliant Monarch

Burrageara Brown Derby

Wilsonara Brown Derby

Burrageara Buried Treasure

Wilsonara Buried Treasure

Burrageara Caramel Candy

Wilsonara Caramel Candy

Burrageara Castle Issa

Wilsonara Castle Issa

Burrageara Catt'n Around

Wilsonara Catt'n Around

Burrageara Dorothy Barfield

Oncidioda Dorothy Barfield

Burrageara Durham Wild

Wilsonara Durham Wild

Burrageara Fashion Crow

Wilsonara Fashion Crow

Burrageara Fashion Show

Wilsonara Fashion Show

Burrageara Flaming Ante

Wilsonara Flaming Ante

Burrageara Gay Spice

Wilsonara Gay Spice

Burrageara Gold And Chocolate

Wilsonara Gold And Chocolate

Burrageara Hersey's Cocoa

Wilsonara Hersey's Cocoa

Burrageara Imperial Eruption

Wilsonara Imperial Eruption

Burrageara Imperial Purple

Wilsonara Imperial Purple

Burrageara Jimbo

Oncidioda Jimbo

Burrageara Joyful Noise

Wilsonara Joyful Noise

Burrageara Jungle Holiday

Wilsonara Jungle Holiday

Burrageara Jungle Moss

Wilsonara Jungle Moss

Burrageara Jungle Trance

Wilsonara Jungle Trance

Burrageara Kilatiger

Wilsonara Kilatiger

Burrageara Kilauea

Oncidioda Kilauea

Burrageara Lava Flow

Wilsonara Lava Flow (Black)

Burrageara Lisa's Delight

Wilsonara Lisa's Delight

Burrageara Lotte Lohde

Andreettara Lotte Lohde

Burrageara Lyoth

Wilsonara Lyoth (1936)

Burrageara Marie Monarch

Wilsonara Marie Monarch

Burrageara May Moir

Wilsonara May Moir

Burrageara Mountain Cat

Wilsonara Mountain Cat

Burrageara Pacific Color Cat

Wilsonara Pacific Color Cat

Burrageara Pacific Command

Wilsonara Pacific Command

Burrageara Pacific Dark Orb

Wilsonara Pacific Dark Orb

Burrageara Pacific Fireflower

Wilsonara Pacific Fireflower

Burrageara Pacific Flamingo

Wilsonara Pacific Flamingo

Burrageara Pacific Kool Kat

Wilsonara Pacific Kool Kat

Burrageara Pacific Lilatante

Wilsonara Pacific Lilatante

Burrageara Pacific Lust

Wilsonara Pacific Lust

Burrageara Pacific Praecox

Wilsonara Pacific Praecox

Burrageara Pacific Shell

Wilsonara Pacific Shell

Burrageara Pacific Spring

Wilsonara Pacific Spring

Burrageara Pacific Star

Wilsonara Pacific Star

Burrageara Pacific Summer

Wilsonara Pacific Summer

Burrageara Red Pacific

Wilsonara Red Pacific

Burrageara Saint Tante

Wilsonara Saint Tante

Burrageara Sambu River

Wilsonara Sambu River

Burrageara Santa Barbara

Wilsonara Santa Barbara

Burrageara Sunset to Remember

Wilsonara Sunset to Remember

Burrageara Tatsuno

Wilsonara Tatsuno

Burrageara Trianon

Wilsonara Trianon

Burrageara Volcano Spark

Wilsonara Volcano Spark

Burrageara Wearside Wood

Wilsonara Wearside Wood

Burrageara Wild Pacific

Wilsonara Wild Pacific

Burrageara Zacaton

Wilsonara Zacaton

Charlesworthara Alpha

Oncidioda Alpha

Charlesworthara Niels Christensen

Oncidioda Niels Christensen

Charlesworthara Nobilis

Oncidioda Nobilis

Charlesworthara Rajah

Oncidioda Rajah

Charlesworthara Vulcan

Oncidioda Vulcan

Colmanara Aliipoe

Oncidium Aliipoe

Colmanara Aloha Carnival

Odontocidium Aloha Carnival

Colmanara Babro Fehmers

Odontocidium Babro Fehmers

Colmanara Blackata

Odontocidium Blackata

Colmanara Blackwood

Odontocidium Blackwood

Colmanara Bogota

Odontocidium Bogota

Colmanara Brown Symphony

Oncidium Brown Symphony

Colmanara Carillon

Odontocidium Carillon

Colmanara Catatante

Odontocidium Catatante

Colmanara Cauca Valley

Odontocidium Cauca Valley

Colmanara Cherry

Oncidium Cherry

Colmanara Cherry Pop

Odontocidium Cherry Pop

Colmanara Cleo's Jungle

Oncidium Cleo's Jungle

Colmanara Club One Hundred

Odontocidium Club One Hundred

Colmanara Coming Out

Oncidium Coming Out

Colmanara Coronation

Miltonidium Coronation

Colmanara Dark Ruby

Odontocidium Dark Ruby

Colmanara Desdamona

Miltonidium Desdamona

Colmanara Diane Dahlgren

Odontocidium Diane Dahlgren

Colmanara Dragon's Lair

Oncidium Dragon's Lair

Colmanara Enzomondo Piccina

Odontocidium Enzomondo Piccina

Colmanara Ever-Lasting

Odontocidium Ever-Lasting

Colmanara Everglades Jungle

Odontocidium Everglades Jungle

Colmanara Everglades Point

Odontocidium Everglades Point

Colmanara Florida Panther

Odontocidium Florida Panther

Colmanara Florida Red

Miltonidium Florida Red

Colmanara Gold Coast

Oncidium Gold Coast

Colmanara Goodale

Oncidium Goodale

Colmanara Happy Warrior

Odontocidium Happy Warrior

Colmanara Hawaii

Miltonidium Hawaii

Colmanara Hawaii Nei

Odontocidium Hawaii Nei

Colmanara Hawaiian Beauty

Odontocidium Hawaiian Beauty

Colmanara Hawaiian Gold

Odontocidium Hawaiian Gold

Colmanara Hawaiian Red

Miltonidium Hawaiian Red

Colmanara Heirloom

Odontocidium Heirloom

Colmanara His Way

Oncidium His Way

Colmanara Hopalong Cassidy

Miltonidium Hopalong Cassidy

Colmanara Hot Lips

Odontocidium Hot Lips

Colmanara Jester

Oncidium Jester

Colmanara John Hainsworth

Oncidium John Hainsworth

Colmanara Jungle Cat

Odontocidium Jungle Cat

Colmanara Jungle Haste

Odontocidium Jungle Haste

Colmanara Jungle Monarch

Oncidium Jungle Monarch

Colmanara Kaizumic Dream

Oncidium Kaizumic Dream

Colmanara Kassidy Matsuda

Odontocidium Kassidy Matsuda

Colmanara Kaymor

Odontocidium Kaymor

Colmanara Lake Okeechobee

Oncidium Lake Okeechobee

Colmanara Leurain

Odontocidium Leurain

Colmanara Mackay

Oncidium Mackay

Colmanara Margaret Oda

Miltonidium Margaret Oda

Colmanara Marie Riopelle

Odontocidium Marie Riopelle

Colmanara Marlene Holl

Miltonidium Marlene Holl

Colmanara Maui Skyrocket

Oncidium Maui Skyrocket

Colmanara Moon Gold

Odontocidium Moon Gold

Colmanara Oh Yah

Odontocidium Oh Yah

Colmanara Othello

Oncidium Othello

Colmanara Othello's Gold

Oncidium Othello's Gold

Colmanara Pacific Cattre

Odontocidium Pacific Cattre

Colmanara Pacific Peaks

Odontocidium Pacific Peaks

Colmanara Pacific Space Lustre

Oncidium Pacific Space Lustre

Colmanara Pacific Sun Cat

Odontocidium Pacific Sun Cat

Colmanara Pahokee Sunset

Trichocidium Pahokee Sunset

Colmanara Pisgah Wild Tiger

Odontocidium Pisgah Wild Tiger

Colmanara Point Wood

Odontocidium Point Wood

Colmanara Puget Sound

Odontocidium Puget Sound (Moir)

Colmanara Pussycatt

Odontocidium Pussycatt

Colmanara River Rain

Odontocidium River Rain

Colmanara Ruby Cascade

Oncidium Ruby Cascade

Colmanara Rustic Tiger

Odontocidium Rustic Tiger

Colmanara Sachiko Nagata

Oncidium Sachiko Nagata

Colmanara Shower of Gold

Oncidium Shower of Gold (Beall)

Colmanara Sovereign

Miltonidium Sovereign

Colmanara Space Race

Oncidium Space Race

Colmanara Sphacetante

Oncidium Sphacetante

Colmanara Spiderman

Oncidium Spiderman

Colmanara Varigood

Oncidium Varigood

Colmanara Wearside Delight

Odontocidium Wearside Delight

Colmanara Wendy Wadsworth

Odontocidium Wendy Wadsworth

Colmanara Wild Wine

Odontocidium Wild Wine

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