Changes in Agriculture Industrial Development

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The Emergence of Modern China Part II

1. How did Mao plan to increase agricultural productivity in China?

2. What is a collective farm? How many Chinese peasants were working on collectives by 1956?

3. Why did Chairman Mao establish People’s Communes? Why were these communes unsuccessful?

4. Who were the Red Guards? What was their main job during the Great Cultural Revolution?

5. What did the Red Guards do to people that disagreed with Mao?

6. Was the Cultural Revolution a success in China? Explain.

7. What were the primary goals of the Four Modernizations program established by Deng Xiaoping?

8. Using the following sections, explain how Deng Xiaoping encouraged positive growth in agriculture and industry:

Changes in Agriculture

Industrial Development

9. Explain the problems that have occurred in China due to the rapid growth of coastal cities located in Special Economic Zones.

10. How is the Chinese government trying to encourage growth in the interior of the country?

11. Explain what happened at Tiananmen Square, Beijing in 1989 and why.

12. What happened to the protestors that did not obey the government?

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