Changelings Said that fairies steal the child and replace it with the supernatural beings

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Medieval Superstitions & Medicine

Superstition: Changelings

  1. Said that fairies steal the child and replace it with the supernatural beings.

  2. Explained diseases and death in children

  3. Recognized by weird behavior

  4. Held over fire to release the fairies

  5. Used in folklore to understand birth defects

  6. Babies who weren’t baptized were vulnerable

  7. Can drive away the fairy by talking to it

  8. Male babies were frequently replaced with changelings

  9. Beating or drowning a child was recommended

  10. Some children were abandoned by their families

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Medical Practice: Bloodletting

  1. In the medieval times people believed the body was in tuned with the earth. They theorized that the body had four humors─blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile.

  2. In order to be healthy you needed to have a balance of them.

  3. If you were considered to have too much of one humor a physician would use fleams or lancets to cut your vein and drain the bad blood.

  4. May use leeches

  5. Usually cut veins in the neck

  6. Used to get rid of diseases

  7. Originated in Europe

  8. Used for sore throats

  9. Still used to today, referred to as a phlebotomy.

  10. One of the oldest medical practices

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