Change Over Time – Review Sheet Region: europe

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Change Over Time – Review Sheet Region: EUROPE

Technology: development, spread, acceptance, rejection, modification, influence

Economics & Trade

Agriculture, spread of crops


Religion / belief systems

Gender roles

Migrations/ Population changes (forced or voluntary), seasonal or permanent, over a short or long period of time



Metallurgy, iron, bronze, wheel, plow

Neolithic rev.

Greek mythology

Females serbivient to males

Age of Migration (Asia to Europe)

Roman republic


Celts- metal, no writing

Rome- democracy, aqueduct, Water wheel, Maritime Rev.

Rome- urban poor, feudalism, Hanseatic league.

Celts traded/ warred with Greece and Rome

Pax Romana Trade

Ag. Big in Rome,

3-field system

Horses, silk road

Celts: priests= druids. Worshipped nature

Crusades, great schism, Spanish inquisition

Celtic women: no equality., feudalism

Celts started in central Euro.

Migrated, Black Death=1/3 pop. Dead

Magna Carta, Parliament


Caravels, astrolabe, joint, stacko., printing press

Absolutism vs. constitutionalism.

Henry the navigator, Por., silver, 3 field system

Science revolution. Copernicus, Galileo.

Naval voyages- Dios, Vasco de Gama, Columbus discovered America, Columbian Exchange

Christianity, Great Schism-protestant Ref. due to indulgence. Led to counter Ref.

Witch hunts common, bourgeoisie

England, France had colonies in N. America. Spain and Portugal Latin America., migration to new world



Enlightenment industrial Rev, electricity, iron Indus. Steam engine, railroads, scientific rev., factories

mass prod. Division of labor,

laissez faire

more trade and inventions, capitalism, joint stock companies

Ag. Rev.

electric telegraph, naval power increased.


women and kids were cheap labor

America broke away from Britain.,

French Rev., Nationalism

1914- Present

Trench warfare along west front, motorized weapons., mechanized warfare, Airplane

Econ border in Ger.

1930’s- depression

Traded for WWI, E.C. trade union, world banks

nuclear weapons

UN created to keep peace


women more liberated after WWI.

Jews Relocated- holocaust,

UN,NATO, Communism

  1. How were things different at the end of each time period from what they were at the beginning? (How it changed?)

  2. What were the processes of change and the causes of change within these time periods? (What changed it?)

  3. Within each time period, to what extent has the distinctiveness over time been maintained? (How it stayed the same?)

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