Chandler unified School district Suggested Resource Guide for Required Texts

Activity #2 Interrupted reading of Beside the railway line

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Activity #2 Interrupted reading of Beside the railway line


  • Attached worksheet

Standards Addressed:

  • 10.RL.2

  • 10.RL.4

  • 10.RL.5


In this lesson, readers will focus on the author’s use of figurative language and literary devices. By completing an interrupted reading of Beside the Railway Line (pg.5-8 :see attached worksheet), students will examine irony, tone/voice, foreshadowing, and symbolism. Students will need to pay close attention to the author’s style (i.e. Death’s telling of the outcome or foreshadowing indicated by the bold text).

*see attached worksheet

Activity #3 vocabulary study/comprehension


  • Attributes of Summer prediction/summary sheet

Standards Addressed:

  • 10.RL.2

  • 10.RL.4


Students will be placed in groups of four. Each group will be given a list of 10 vocabulary words and phrases from The Attributes of Summer (pgs. 142-153). Students should first work to define any unfamiliar terms. Next, students will work as a group to write a prediction for the upcoming chapter. Students must use all ten terms in their prediction. After reading the selection, students will reconvene to write a summary using all ten terms.

*See attached worksheet

Writing Prompts:

Argument/Opinion Prompts:

Informational/Explanatory Prompt:

    • How does this novel compare to other WWII literature you have read? Cite evidence from at least two texts to support your ideas.

Narrative Prompts:

    • Write an essay comparing your own journey experiences to that of a character in the novel. Have them pick a life event and write about how they grew and changed because of the event, using textual examples and comparisons.

Research Prompts:

    • Research one of the following:

*The effects of WWII on the German people.

*Allied bombing of Munich

*Mein Kampf
As outlined by PARCC, the prompts above may occur in a variety of writing environments. Teachers should consider:

  • Incorporating a mix of on-demand and review-and-revision writing assignments

  • Including routine writing, such as short constructed-responses to text-dependent questions, to build content knowledge and provide opportunities for reflection on a specific aspect of a text or texts

  • Integrating of a number of analytic writings that places a premium on using evidence, as well as on crafting works that display some logical integration and coherence. These responses can vary in length based on the questions asked and task performed, from answering brief questions to crafting longer responses, allowing teachers to assess students’ ability to paraphrase, infer, and ultimately integrate the ideas they have gleaned from what they have read. Over the course of the year, analytic writing should include comparative analysis and compositions that share findings from the research project

  • Include narrative writing to offer students opportunities to express personal ideas and experiences; craft their own stories and descriptions; and deepen their understandings of literary concepts, structures, and genres (e.g., short stories, anecdotes, poetry, drama) through purposeful imitation.

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