Challenging traditional values mass Media and Communications

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Roaring 20’s / Great Depression 30’s

Mass Media and Communications

  • Radio broadcast Jazz and Fireside Chats- FDR talking to the American people

  • Movies – provide escape from Depression era realities

  • Newspapers and Magazines – shaped cultural norms and sparked fads

Challenges to Traditional Values (1920’s)

  • Traditional religion – Darwin’s Theory and Scopes Trial – Creationism vs. Evolution

  • Traditional role of women - Flapper’s, 19th Amendment

  • Open immigration that led to the rise of new KKK

  • Prohibition – 18th Amendment - led to gangsters, smuggling alcohol and speakeasies

Stock Market Crash of 1929


  • Overspeculation – investments made with borrowed money

  • Excessive use of credit

  • Business failures led to bankruptcies

  • Bank deposits were invested in the market

  • When the market collapsed, the banks ran out of money


  • People panicked, attempted to withdraw their money, but there was nothing to give them

  • There were no new investments

Great Depression


  • Stock market crash

  • Federal Reserve’s failure to prevent widespread collapse by limiting the amount of money

in circulation

  • Hawley Smoot Act – highest protective tariff that produced retaliatory tariffs in other

countries, strangling world trade


  • Unemployment (1 out of 4) and homelessness

  • Collapse of the banking system

  • Decline in the demand for goods

  • Growing militancy of labor unions

  • Farm foreclosures and migration

Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal

  • changed the role of the government to a more active participant in solving problems

  • FDR is famous for his quote “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself”


  • Relief measures provided direct payment to people for immediate help

    • Works Progress Administration (WPA)

  • Recovery programs were designed to bring the nation out of the depression over time

    • Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)

  • Reform measures corrected unsound banking practices

    • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

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