Ch. 8 Test Review

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Ch. 8 Test Review

According to Thomas Jefferson, the primary role of the federal government does not include

protecting the nation from foreign threats.

delivering the mail.

collecting customs duties.

expanding domestic taxes.

In the hotly contested election of 1800, whose supporters claimed that a Thomas Jefferson presidency would bring to America the chaos of the French Revolution?

How did Thomas Jefferson characterize the transition of power from one party to another in the Election of 1800?

What was the major theme of Thomas Jefferson’s inaugural address?

Which of the following statements does not reflect the significance of Marbury v. Madison?

It confirmed the Supreme Court’s power to declare acts of Congress unconstitutional.

It established the power of judicial review.

It meant the Supreme Court had to hear every case brought before it.

It helped make the judicial branch equal to the other two branches.

The Louisiana Purchase was significant to the United States because

In the early 1800s, the Mississippi River was crucial to settlers in what 3 states states?

French leader Napoleon Bonaparte was so eager to get rid of his American territories that when America’s ambassador tried to buy New Orleans, the French offered to sell all of Louisiana for $15 million. What was Napoleon's strategic reasoning behind this move?

The Lewis and Clark expedition was undertaken in order to explore the Louisiana Purchase, learn about the plants and animals of the West, and most importantly find what?

Which mountains presented a major obstacle to the Lewis and Clarke expedition?

What was the significance of Zebulon Pike’s exploration?

As the result of which activity did the United States find itself involved in the war between Britain and France when it broke out in 1803?

patrolling the English Channel with war ships

shipping goods and war supplies to both countries

negotiating the Louisiana Purchase

protecting escaped British sailors from impressment

After a British navy ship targeted an American navy ship in 1807, Great Britain’s violations of U.S. neutrality resulted in the Embargo Act, which banned trade with who?

Why did the Embargo Act fail?

Why were U.S. officials worried by Tecumseh’s actions?

The first young members of Congress to call for a trade war against Britain were called?

Who served as president of the United States during the War of 1812?

Which of the following explains why the U.S. Navy defeated the British in the War of 1812?

The U.S. Navy was larger than the British Navy.

The British Navy was more spread out than the U.S. Navy.

The U.S. Navy had many new warships.

U.S. sailors were more experienced than British sailors.

Which of the following assertions about the War of 1812 is false?

It produced intense feelings of patriotism among Americans.

It strengthened American Indian resistance to Americans.

It produced a boom in American manufacturing.

It strengthened Americans’ faith in the democratic experiment.

The document that ended the War of 1812 was called the

The last major conflict of the War of 1812 was the

I. The Creek War II. The Hartford Convention reached Washington III. The Treaty of Ghent was signed IV. The Battle of Fort Detroit

Which is the proper order of these major events in the War of 1812, from first to last?

Why did Britain’s military forces gain strength in April of 1814?

The first thing the British did after their ranks were reinforced in April of 1814 was attack the city of

American politicians’ fears that a foreign power might take control of the Mississippi might have come true during the Battle of New Orleans, if not for the leadership of a commander who led a mix of soldiers, free African Americans, and Choctaw Indians against the British. What was his name?

In the opinion of the U.S., what was the last straw in Britain’s breach of U.S. neutrality during the British-French conflict?

Put these events in order: the Embargo Act, the War of 1812, violations of U.S. neutrality, war between Great Britain and France

Who said “I have given England a rival who, sooner or later, will humble her pride,” and in what context?

Lewis and Clarke failed in their expedition in that they did not?

Legislators Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, and Felix Grundy fought for war against the British because they were from where and believed what?

How is judicial review best defined?

After Thomas Jefferson took office in 1801, which branches of the federal government did the Republicans control?

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