Ch. 8 assessment

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Ch. 8 assessment:
Now that we’ve taken our trip up the Nile in a felucca, you know how knowledge of ancient Egypt can play a role in many careers like tourism and archeology. You might want to work is such a field in the future.
Write a letter that has all the parts of a business letter as we learned about them in class. Make sure all the parts are complete and correctly located and written. The body of your letter should share your knowledge about Ancient Egypt's pharaohs and must include seven of the following words or terms used correctly in separate sentences (that means you can't put more than one of the terms in one sentence.)

Pharaoh Old Kingdom Middle Kingdom New Kingdom

Khufu Senusret Hatshepsut Ramses
Tutankamun Giza pyramid Karnak
White Chapel Dayr al-Bahri Obelisk Punt
Abu Simbel Nefertari
Letters must be typed and must be turned in by Tues., 1/7.

Possible Real Addresses for Ancient Egypt Business letters.

Embassy of Egypt

3521 International Ct. N.W

Washington, DC 20008
National Geographic Society
1145 17th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036-4688
The British Museum

Great Russell Street,

London WC1B 3DG
Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Avenue
Fifth Ave at 82nd Street
New York, NY 10028-0198
(Teacher's name)

Sakai Intermediate School

9343 NE Sportsmans Club Rd.

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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