Ch. 7 Test Study Guide How did the government seek to change Indian culture?

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How did the government seek to change Indian culture?

Who favored inflation, and who favored deflation?

What tasks did homesteaders face?

The harshness of the Great Plains forced settlers to what?

Why was “free silver” wanted, and who wanted it?

Many white reformers believed that Native Americans should

What is the Populist’s platform?

Technological advances in farming led to what?

What are the Morrill Land-Grant Act and the Homestead Act?

What drew many new immigrants to the West?

Why was the Interstate Commerce Act passed?

What happened to Native Americans as people moved west?

What is the Farmers’ Alliance, and why was it formed.

What steps did the mining process follow?

What are Boomtowns, and Ghost towns? Who lived in each?

Where did the words Boomers and Sooners come from?

What happened at the Massacre at Wounded Knee?

What are the provisions of the Dawes Act?

Why did African American Exodusters migrate west?

What rolls did men, women, and children have on the homestead?

What happened in the election of 1896?

What are the Pacific Railway Acts?

Why did settlers feel that they should own the land in the west?

Frederick Jackson Turner’s thesis held that the frontier

What contributed to the cattle ranching boom?

The experiences of Chief Joseph and the Nez Percé illustrate how

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