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Ch. 20 –Immigrants and Urban Life

Immigrants and Urban Life- In this chapter you will learn about immigration and its effects on U.S. cities. You will also read about some of the challenges faced by these cities.

Vocabulary Terms

Chapter 20.1

old immigrants/new immigrants

Ellis Island/Angel Island

chain migration




Chinese Exclusion Act

Chapter 20.2

mass transit/suburbs

mass culture

Joseph Pulitzer/Wm. R. Hearst

department stores/Marshall Field

Coney Island

Frederick Law Olmstead

Chapter 20.3

Jacob Riis

settlement houses

Jane Addams/Hull House

Florence Kelley

City Life-the rapid growth of cities in the last 1800’s created both challenges and opportunities

The Growth of Cities-American cities experienced dramatic expansion and change in the late 1800’s

A New Wave of Immigration in the late 1800’s brought large numbers of immigrants to the United States

    • Crowded urban areas faced a variety of social problems

    • People worked to improve the quality of life in U.S. cities

    • Both immigrants and native-born Americans moved to growing urban areas in record numbers in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s

    • New technology and ideas helped cities change and adapt to rapid population growth

Objective Questions:

    1. How did immigration patterns change in the late 1800s?

    2. What problems did the new immigrants face, and how did they adjust to these problems?

    3. What new technologies and ideas helped cities change and adapt to their growing populations?

    4. What kind of problems did urban dwellers face in the late 1800s face?

    5. What efforts were there to improve the life of those in poverty living in the cities?

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