Cgw4u world Issues Unit 4: Towards a sustainable World

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CGW4U World Issues
Unit 4: Towards A Sustainable World

China’s One Child Policy

A Case Study in Population Control

China’s One-Child Policy – An Overview

As a class, ghost read pages 90-91 in Global Connections to learn the basics about China’s One-Child Policy. As we read, take jot notes on some of the key characteristics of this population control policy. Use the timeline on page 91 to assist with your overview.

China’s Fertility Revolution

Read the article The Fertility Revolution in China and answer the following questions:

  1. When did China begin to limit its population growth?

  2. List the various methods used to limit growth.

  3. What differences are there between urban and rural populations and what challenges does this present?

  4. Why should gender preference be part of the study? Explain.

Global Impacts of China’s One-Child Policy

  1. Read page 92 and identify some of the issues that have resulted from China’s population control policy.

  2. Watch the news report about China’s gender imbalance. Brainstorm a list of ideas about how China’s gender imbalance could become a regional, if not a global issue.

  3. The One-Child Policy is said to exacerbate gender inequality in China, as many families prefer to have male children. Watch the trailer for the documentary China’s Lost Girls. As you watch, identify the various ways that China’s policy has widened the gender gap in the country.

  4. How has China’s policy impacted families in the United States?

Successes and Failures – Critical Thinking Follow-Up

  1. Develop criteria (3min) that you would use to assess the success of a population control program.

  2. Read page 92 in Global Connections and, using the criteria you developed in question 1, assess how successful China’s One-child policy has been in terms of meeting your criteria.

  3. Considering what you have learned about India and China’s population control policies, judge whether or not you think they have done more good than harm. Explain your point of view using specific examples. Submit your 1-2 paragraph response on Moodle.

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