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Part III. Ancient China

Time Frame: 10 days
Essential Question:

  • How do the people, events, and ideas that shaped ancient China continue to influence the world?

  1. SWAT: Analyze how the Han dynasty created a form of government that valued family, art, and learning.

  2. SWAT: Analyze how trade routes led to the exchange of new products and ideas among China, Rome, and other people.

1. Geography

  • Geography played a major role in the development of Chinese civilization. China covers an area of nearly 4 million square miles. One of the physical barriers that separates China from its neighbors is a harsh desert, the Gobi which is spread over much of China’s north. East of the Gobi are low-lying plains which cover most of eastern China forms once of the country’s largest farming regions. More than 2,000 mile to the west, rigged mountains make up the western frontier, in the southwest the plateau of Tibet. The Qinling Shandi range separates northern China from southern China.

  • Two great rivers flow from west to east in China, the Huang He or the Yellow River and the Chang Jiang or the Yangzi River

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