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9. Roman Achievements

  • Rome was full of sophisticated and beautiful art and architecture. Artists and engineers were respected individuals in Roman society. The Roman world was remarkable for valuing literacy, culture, and a society based on law.

  • Science and Engineering: The Romans took a practical approach to their study of science and engineering. They studied the stars to produce a calendar, studied plants, and animals to learn how to obtain better crops and meat. To improve health, Roman doctors studied the works of Greeks. Romans were also great builders and developed many new materials to help their structures last. They Romans made cement by mixing lime with volcanic rock and ash. The Romans created lasting structures by using arches, the round shape supported more weight than other shapes. The Romans also used arches in their aqueducts which is a raised channel used to carry water from mountains into cities.

  • Architecture and Art: Roman architecture also copied some older Greek designs using columns to make their public buildings look impressive. They also used marble to cover their buildings with marble. Their engineering techniques allowed the Romans to make new architectural advances like the vault which let them build huge structures like the Colosseum in Rome. Roman artists are known for their mosaics and paintings, which were used to decorate Roman buildings.

  • Literature and Language: Rich in art and architecture, Rome was also home to many of the greatest authors in the ancient world. One such author was Virgil, who wrote about the great epic about the founding of Rome, the Aeneid and Ovid who wrote poems about Roman mythology.

  • Law: Roman law inspired a system called civil law, a legal system based on a written code of laws.

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