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8. Alexander the Great

  • Alexander the Great was son to Philip II, king of Macedonia in 359 B.C. When king Philip II died, Alexander became leader at 20 years old and immediately wen south to end the revolt in Thebes. Within a year, Alexander destroyed Thebes and enslaved the Theban people and used them as an example to the other Greeks what would happen if they rebelled as well. In 334 B.C. he attacked the Persians and was successful. Alexander’s empire was the largest the world had ever seen stretching from west India to Egypt. He worked to spread Greek influence throughout his empire by founding cities in the lands he conquered. He built temples and theaters like those in Greece all over his empire. As the Greek culture spread, several people kept their own customs and traditions. As a result, a new blended culture developed in Alexander’s empire. It combined elements of Persian, Egyptian, Syrian, and other cultures with Greek ideas.

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