Century global skills

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Teaching Strategy

Ask students to look at a selection of newspapers and list the main sections or features common to all (or most). 

Small groups of students should then be assigned topics from the list below (example stories are given in brackets). 

  • News and Current Affairs (e.g. Pericles Dies - Popular Assembly in Uproar!)

  • Editorial Section and Letters to the Editor (e.g. letters for and against Pericles)

  • Entertainment & Arts Section (e.g. a review of a famous/prize-winning tragedy)

  • Sports Section (e.g. report from the most recent Olympics)

  • Advertisements (e.g. pottery, seafood, shipwrights, masons, etc.)

  • Weather Report (e.g. Zeus causes yet another terrible storm!)

  • Gossip Column (e.g. Who will succeed Pericles as leader of Athens?)

  • Astrology Column (e.g. latest prophesies from the Oracle of Delphi)

Obituaries (e.g. invent an obituary for a hoplite infantryman who excelled at the Battle of Marathon).
Students should use Google Docs to collaborate with their group members on their specific topic.

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