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Summative Assessment(Culminating Activity) (Begin Week One; Due Week Nine)

Evidence of Learning
Grade 6 Unit Two Social Studies & Language Arts

The Daily Athenian

A Greek Newspaper Project

Project Based Learning

When the government of Athens became a democracy in 507 BC, it set in motion a chain of events that would revolutionize not just the city, but the entire Greek world. Inspired by the freedom and openness of Athenian society, people from all over the known world traveled here to discover more about the city and its people.

Working in small groups, students will work produce sections of an historical newspaper or journal for publication in democratic Athens. Using the resources of this Web site (http://tiny.cc/wkb7gw ) pick an approximate date and research stories for your newspaper. This section has been tailored for a newspaper about Athens during the time of Pericles.

Social Studies:

1. SWAT: Use the resources of the Internet to research news or feature stories.

2. SWAT: Analyze, research and prioritize information.

3. SWAT: Gain an insight into some of the processes involved in producing a newspaper or magazine.

4. SWAT: Discover more about the everyday lives of the ancient Greeks and the similarities and differences they share with the lifestyles of people today.

5. SWAT: Students will gain an understanding of key events in the development of democracy in Athens as well as gain an understanding of the culture in which those events occurred.

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