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Unit Enduring Understandings

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Unit Enduring Understandings

  1. Cultures are help together by shared beliefs and common practices and values.

  2. People, places, and ideas change over time.

  3. Greece’s geography and its nearness to the sea strongly influenced the development of trade and the growth of city-states.

  4. The people of Athens tried many different forms of government before creating a democracy.

  5. The ancient Greeks created great myths and works of literature that influenced the way we speak and write today.

  6. Over time, the Persians came to rule a great empire, which eventually brought them into conflict with the Greeks.

  7. The two most powerful city-states in Greece, Sparta and Athens, had very different cultures and became enemies in the 400s B.C.

  8. Alexander the Great built a huge empire and helped spread Greek culture into Egypt and Asia.

  9. Ancient Greeks made lasting contributions in the arts, philosophy, and science.

  10. Rome’s location and government helped it become a major power in the ancient world.

  11. Rome’s tripartite government and written laws helped create a stable society.

  12. The later period of the Roman Republic was marked by wars of expansion and political crises.

  13. After changing from a republic to an empire, Rome grew politically and economically, and developed a culture that influenced later civilizations.

  14. Problems from both inside and outside caused the Roman Empire to split into a western half, which collapsed, and an eastern half that prospered for hundreds of years.

  15. Chinese civilization began with the Shang dynasty along the Huange He.

  16. Confucius and other philosophers taught ways to deal with political and social problems in ancient China.

  17. The Han Dynasty created a new form of government that valued family, art, and learning.

  18. Trade routes led to the exchange of new products and ideas among China, Rome, and other lands.

  19. Geography, resources, culture, and trade influenced the growth of societies in West Africa.

  20. The rulers of Ghana built an empire by controlling the salt and gold trade.

  21. Between 1000 and 1500 three kingdoms- Mali, Songhai, and Great Zimbabwe developed in Africa.

  22. Although the people of West Africa did not have a written language, their culture has been passed down through oral history, writings by other people, and the arts.

Unit Vocabulary:

  • 3.1.8.C&F- Decoding and Word Recognition & Vocabulary Development

*Explicit vocabulary development through content vocabulary should be made visible in the classroom as an interactive word wall. An interactive word wall should be tangible where students can pull words for the wall to use at their seats and/or stations/hubs. It is recommended the teacher provide a visual of the word as well as the part of speech. The terms should be clear, visible, and student friendly. The definition should be included on the other side of the vocabulary display.

  • polis

  • classical

  • acropolis

  • democracy

  • aristocrats

  • oligarcy

  • tyrant

  • pericles

  • mythology

  • Homer

  • Sappho

  • Aesop

  • fables

  • Cyrus the Great

  • cavalry

  • Darius I

  • Persian Wars

  • Xerxes I

  • alliance

  • Peloponnesian War

  • Phillip II

  • phalanx

  • Alexander the Great

  • Hellenistic

  • Socrates

  • Plato

  • Aristotle

  • Euclid

  • Hippocrates

  • The Parthenon

  • Aeneas

  • Romulus

  • Remus

  • republic

  • dictators

  • Cincinnatus

  • plebeians

  • patricians

  • magistrates

  • consuls

  • Roman Senate

  • legions

  • Punic Wars

  • Hannibal

  • Gaius Marius

  • Lucius Cornelius

  • Spartacus

  • Cicero

  • Julius Caesar

  • Pompey

  • Augustus

  • Pax Romana

  • aqueduct

  • Byzantine Empire

  • oracle

  • dynaty

  • Confucius

  • Daoism

  • Laozi

  • seismograph

  • silk

  • Silk Road

  • Han Dynasty

  • sub-Saharan Africa

  • Sahel

  • savannah

  • animism

  • Sundiata

  • Mansa Musa

  • Sunni Ali

  • Askia the Great

  • griots

  • proverbs

  • kente

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