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Part B: Essay
Directions: Write an essay about ancient Mesopotamia. Include an introduction, a body of several paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Using all three of the sources in Part A, provide facts and details that support your response. You may draw on any additional knowledge you have acquired about the subject.

Historical Context

For hundreds of thousands of years, hunter-gatherers lived off the land and moved around in search of food. Then, in Mesopotamia, something remarkable happened; humans learned how to farm. The very first civilization was established.


  • Mesopotamia eventually developed into an advanced civilization. Identify and discuss three characteristics of Mesopotamian society that prove their civilization was advanced.


  • Provide a thorough response to the Task. Be sure to cover all parts of the assignment.

  • Use all three of the sources in Part A and include specific information from them in your essay.

  • Take advantage of relevant information you remember from your textbook and class work.

  • Organize your essay in a clear and logical way.

  • Support your statements with facts and information that address the topic.

  • Write a conclusion that sums up your ideas.

NOTE: Do not simply restate the Task or Historical Context. Your essay should include much more information.

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