Century global skills

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Invention of Tools

    • Technology- tools and methods to perform tasks, was first used by Paleolithic people. Before this time, sticks, stones, and tree branches served as tools. Later, people made devices from a hard stone called flint.

    • Over time people made more complex tools such as spears, bows, and arrows making it easier to hunt and kill larger animals.

  • Language and Arts

    • One major development during this age was spoken language. Up until this time people communicated with sound and gestures. Ancient people started to express themselves in words for the same reasons we do today. Early people expressed themselves through art. Paleolithic cave art have been found all over the world. They used crushed yellow, black, and red rocks, and combined them with animals fat to make paint. They used twigs and their fingertips to paint on the rock walls. Later, they used animal hair in the form of a brush. Early people created scenes of lions, oxen, panthers, and other animals on the cave walls.

  • The Ice Age

    • The Ice Age was a long period of ice and cold that affected all of Earth around 10,000 years ago. Thick sheets of ice moved across large parts of Europe, Asia, and North America. The low sea levels exposed a strip of dry land connecting the continents of Asia and North America called a land bridge. It acted as a highway allowing people to move across from Asia to North America. From there, Paleolithic people moved southwest to settle in different regions.

    • Survival during the Ice age was difficult. To survive cold temperatures, humans had to adapt to change many areas where they lived. One way they adapted is by changing their diets by eating meals with more fat. They built stronger shelters to protect themselves from the cold.

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