Century global skills

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Suggested Lessons



Lesson 1

The Study of Mesopotamia

4 class periods

Lesson 2

A Description of a Historical Place

5 class periods

Lesson 3

Hieroglyphics in Architecture

1 class period

Curriculum Development Resources

Click the links below to access additional resources used to design this unit:

New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

Technology in the Social Studies Classroom

Technology Core Curriculum Content Standards

National Educational Technology Standards (NETS•T) and Performance Indicators for Teacher

Common Core State Standards
Technology Resources for Software that students will use:

  • www.internet4classrooms.com/on-line.htm (Variety of Programs)

  • www.actden.com/pp/ (PowerPoint)

  • www.bcschools.net/staff/MicrosoftOffice.htm (Microsoft Tutorials)

  • www.bbhcsd.org/start/t4t/ (Microsoft Products Tutorials)

  • www.blogger.com Blog platform

Content Resources
Early Humans http://earlyhumans.mrdonn.org/

Provides information on different stages of early humans including; Home Habilis, Homo Erectus, and Homo Sapiens.

Lesson Plans and Activities for Teachers on Early Humans http://tiny.cc/h8z2gw

Teachers can go to this site for lesson plans, unit activities, online simulations and more relating to Early Humans.

The Stone Age http://tiny.cc/ab02gw

Visitors can find information on the Paleolithic Period and review the study of fossils and artifacts to uncover history of ancient civilizations.

The Cave of Chauvet- Pont- d’Arc http://tiny.cc/pg02gw

Visitors can visit and explore the Chauvet cave in France online, conduct research, and tour the inside.

The History of Archaeology in the Balearics http://tiny.cc/7j02gw

Take a look at the archaeological finds on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca as an exploring archaeologist.

Stone Sites http://tiny.cc/sm02gw

Visit various stone structures around the world believed to be from the Stone Age.

Pictographic Writing: Cuneiform
Sumerian Writing: Pictographs and Cuneiform http://tiny.cc/ls02gw

Research and complete activities like a Sumerian in ancient Mesopotamia.

Houses of Eternity http://tiny.cc/7u02gw

Visit this website to learn how, when, and why the pyramids were built in Egypt.

Pyramids- The Inside Story http://tiny.cc/fw02gw

Learn more about the pyramids of Egypt through this online simulation as a virtual tour as they are built then explore inside.

Hieroglyphics http://tiny.cc/7y02gw

Research the creation of Egyptian Hieroglyphics and view over 2,000 characters.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics http://tiny.cc/a102gw

Review documents that were discovered thousands of years ago of Egyptians who documented their lives during history.

Read Like a Historian http://tiny.cc/j802gw and http://tiny.cc/nl12gw

This websites provides teachers with a guide to better assist students with reading historical texts from both primary and secondary sources.

Document Analysis Worksheets http://tiny.cc/3b12gw

The following document analysis worksheets were designed and developed by the Education Staff of the National Archives and Records Administration. You may find these worksheets useful as you introduce students to various documents. Thousands of documents are available throughout sections of the National Archives website, including: Teaching With Documents, Online Exhibits, and the ARC Online Catalog.

  • Written Document

  • Photograph

  • Cartoon

  • Poster

  • Map

  • Artifact

  • Motion Picture

  • Sound Recording

How to Analyze Written Sources http://tiny.cc/nl12gw

View this PDF on how to analyze primary and secondary sources in history.

Teacher Notes

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