Century global skills

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Lesson Components

21st Century Themes


Global Awareness


Financial, Economic, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy

Civic Literacy

Health Literacy

21st Century Skills


Creativity and Innovation


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


Communication and Collaboration


Information Literacy


Media Literacy


ICT Literacy

Life and Career Skills

Interdisciplinary Connections: Social Studies, Geography, Language Arts, Mathematics

Integration of Technology: Use of Interactive Promethium Board during instruction if available, overhead projector.

Equipment needed: Internet, projector, journal notebooks, posters, drawings


Learning Activities/Instructional Strategies

Formative Assessment Tasks

  • Describe the politics of Florence and the political writings of Niccolo Machiavelli.

  • Explore the ways in which the Renaissance spread from Italy to the rest of Europe.

  • Explain the significance of Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press.

  • Discuss the class of the population who were not affected by the Renaissance

  • Identify the notable figures of throughout Europe who emerged at this time

Introduce to students that it was during this period that a Florentine statesman named Niccolo Machiavelli became an important diplomat and leader for the city. He drew on his political experience to write a number of books, his most famous being The Prince. In it, he offers a frank, and some say cynical, view of government.

See earlier activity Handout H11

Pick several different paragraphs that highlight what Machiavelli is after, and assign small groups to look at different ones. Give students a few guiding questions for discussion, and then ask them to report the ideas they encounter to the class. As a whole group, begin by discussing the ideas in terms of today. Find it at the site below.


In about 1450, Johannes Gutenberg invented a printing press that used moveable type, made from durable, metal pieces.

Have students compare modern day innovations such as computers, internet, cell phones, and ipads. How does this change global access to information?

What are the advantages of moving the written word more rapidly? Disadvantages?
Introduce students to the changes in musical style.

The most notable musical genre to emerge was the madrigal. Although the madrigal had first emerged in the 14th century as a short poem for two voices set to music, it came bask in the 16th in a freer form with four to five voices. Renaissance musicians also invented new instruments, including the harpsichord and the violin.


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