Century global skills

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Compare the flowing economy of Florence to a city in the United States? What are the features that make it so? Which products fuel the economy there?

Write a 1-2 page letter to the Medici’s in which you propose an artistic work. Convince them to pay you for it. What arguments can you muster in support of the arts?

Draw your version of a “geography of hell” according to Dante’s Inferno. If students were to have their own nine layers of hell, what would each one be like?

Banking and money exchange continue to be crucial to the world economy. Using the internet, ask students to explore exchange rates. Using Yahoo, they should be able to observe changing exchange rates over time.

Use a graphic organizer, such as a chart, to group the contributions of various figures in the Renaissance into various areas…politics, economics, fine arts, etc. Then ask students to write a persuasive essay in which they answer the question: Who should have the title, “Greatest Person of the Renaissance,” and why?


Set up volunteers into two teams for a debate topic: Who was the most influential figure to emerge from the renaissance? Expand the topic to include all of Europe. Conduct a class vote and graph your results.

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