Century global skills

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Art and Literature
Artists began to focus on nature and the human form in painting, sculpture, and the written word.

Using resources available (internet or library students will research and present a work of art as part of a renaissance bulletin board display.

Cut an index card in half, placing the name of a “Notable Renaissance Figure” on each. Have students randomly draw a name from a hat. Include both Northern and Include contributors.

They must include a visual of the research to show to the class with an opinion and description of that work. If it is a written work, a small passage in English to be read out loud with a visual of the cover of the work. Famous figures can be found at:



A variety of lesson plan and activities on the Renaissance.

Introduce by using the Prince CF worksheet H 11

Provide some excerpts from the Prince for the students to use in groups.


Substitute president for Prince. Explain to class that a new President is elected in 2016. This a copy of the secret memo sent to him by his closest aid. Ask them if the advice is wise advice Helpful to the President who will face political challenges as he tries to enact his/her program. Then explain that it is from the Prince by Machievelli written 500 years ago. What does this tell you about Florence the city in which the author lived during the Renaissance.

Include other excerpts as well perhaps sections from Erasmus in Praise of Folly utopia by Moore
Follow the above lesson plans

Use the above site to discuss the following questions:

  1. As used as a common non what does the word Utopia mean?

  2. Based on the reading above would you have liked to live in More’s Utopia?

  3. Why does More’s Utopia to many characterize the spirit of the Renaissance.


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