Century global skills

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Creative Writing

Charlemagne’s epitaph. Ask students to compose an epitaph for Charlemagne’s grave that lists his three most significant contributions to posterity (give them gravestone shaped papers). After individual students have completed this task, discuss as a class having students defend their choices, and vote on the three most important.

Visual Interpretation

View the Bayeux Tapestry and interpret its meaning. Pay special attention to the dominant form of warfare in the Battle of Hastings. Who is winning? Why? Is the winner likely to encourage feudalism in England? Why?

Write a persuasive letter of recommendation for young man you know to become a page. Address it to the lady of the manor, and be sure that you mention all the qualities that you think would help someone to be a good knight.

Flow Chart

Chart the organization of the Roman Catholic Church and compare it to your chart of feudal society. How are they similar?

Model a local obituary and then have the students write an obituary on Charlemagne. In addition have the tsuents answer the following question: Why were Charlemagne’s successors not able to maintain the power of the Holy Roman Empire and the monarchy?

Write a brief, illustrated children’s book that tells the story of the “birth of the middle ages.” Include a list of required elements (such as Charlemagne, feudalism, the fall of the Roman Empire, Vikings).

Write a postcard from the Holy Land back home to your manor. What is it like compared to Europe? What are you doing? How do you feel? What is the picture of on the opposite side of the postcard?

Make a Venn Diagram comparing medieval cities to Jersey City today.

Pair Activity

In pairs, students should write a dialogue between a medieval scholar and a modern scientist about the main topic they are studying in science, probably earth systems and geology. They should try to explain how the world works to each other.

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