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Part II: Journal Entry Planning Sheet

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Part II: Journal Entry Planning Sheet
Use blank white paper for the first draft.

Create a medieval person. You will develop this person’s personality, his or her name au. You will decide on his or her occupation or role. For example- a Knight, Priest, Child, Housewife, Serf, Peasant, etc. You will describe his or her daily life, including the ups and downs. You must create a family for yourself as well and describe their roles. You need to provide background information, which is based in historical truth. You must describe where you live and the time period. Certainly you will need to include any hardships you had to endure.

Part III: Format
This project is to be written in the first person. In other words, you must become the character you are writing about. You must write this in the form of a journal or diary. You must have eight entries. Each entry must be dated. You may include illustrations.

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